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24/7 Security Monitoring from our UL-Listed Central Station

Rapid. Reliable. Ready.

Immediate police, fire, and EMS response.

Without alarm monitoring, you don't get the same instant access to emergency services that could save lives. 

A regular smoke alarm, for instance, won't contact the fire department for you when you’re not around. 

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Firefighter emergency response

Local monitoring matters.

The central monitoring station is the most critical part of any good security company.

It ensures that signals from our customers are received and transmitted quickly and reliably.

That’s why we’ve always owned and operated our monitoring station.

While some companies outsource this critical function to third-parties, we feel it’s too important to trust to anyone else.


Alarm monitoring services
are NOT made equal.

Located in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, our central station is UL-Certified. Strict state and federal safety regulations ensure we can dispatch help to you within 30 seconds and that whatever happens, our monitoring center is always keeping you safe.

Should one lose power, backup generators automatically kick in. We even have a redundancy station in Boulder, Colorado for extra protection.

Learn more about the difference between our professional 24/7 alarm monitoring services and those offered by our competitors by clicking the link below.


How Much Should Alarm Monitoring Cost?
“I recently installed a DIY alarm system from Alarm New England. While researching them, a friend's dishwasher shorted out and started an electrical fire in their kitchen while they were away.

Luckily, they had an Alarm New England system that detected the problem and dispatched the fire department before significant fire damage could destroy their home.

Thank you Alarm New England!”
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Todd B.
Dennis, MA

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