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Burglar Alarm Design & Risk Assessment

Every home is different, from location and neighborhood dynamics to the layout of your home and existing safety features.

Some homes are pretty safe and are unlikely to get targeted. And others are vulnerable to unwanted visitors. The neighborhood alone doesn’t determine your home’s risk level, meaning your home could be more at risk than your neighbor’s.

With these factors to consider, our teams always do a thorough risk assessment before starting the processes of security system design and burglar alarm installation. This guarantees that you get customized security options to solve your unique security needs.

MA Burglar Alarm Installation & Monitoring Service

Our expert technicians understand how to integrate robust burglar alarms and to maximize security coverage over your property.

  • Burglar Alarm Installation: Once our team assesses your Massachusetts property and determines the best security system for it, the process of home alarm installation can begin. Alarm New England integrates security and burglar protection systems for Boston and Cape Cod properties.

  • Burglar Alarm Monitoring: Our job does not end with the burglar alarm installation. We offer round-the-clock monitoring services 365 days a year. Our monitoring center receives a notification if your alarm is triggered. After confirming that it wasn’t by accident, we will reach out to the relevant emergency services on your behalf. That way you get the help you need as fast as you need it.

Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems

Access high-quality wireless systems, as well as expert technical prowess and security system design expertise.

Here are four of the most important benefits you’ll get working with our wireless systems:

  • Control from wherever you are: Our systems offer you the convenience of full control from wherever you are.

  • Faster support: We also offer support for any issues you may have. This could be anything from connection interruptions to simple operation questions.

  • Analysis services: We constantly monitor your system's performance to make improvements that will upgrade your system’s functionality. This flexibility means that your system grows and gets better with time.

  • Upgrade your system over time: Adding devices is easy, and in many cases, doesn’t require a technician. That way, you can install your new equipment on your own time and save on installation costs.

Partner With the Best Burglar Alarm Company

When you work with us, you partner with the most trusted security system installers in the industry.

Each Alarm New England-designed burglar alarm can also integrate with existing security systems, including:

  • Alarm System Keypads

  • Door and Window Sensors

  • Motion Detectors

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors


Alarm New England is rated 4.9/5.0 based on 100+ customer reviews.

December 9, 2018
Christina R.
Fall River, MA
“Highly recommend! The customer service is great, you can tell that you are not just a number with them. I have been dealing with Connie and Alexandra specifically, and both are super friendly and efficient, it has been an absolute pleasure working with them!!”
April 19, 2019
Steve M.
Boston, MA
“Alarm New England understood my needs for the security system right away during my initial phone conversation with them, and did not try to upsell me at all. They gave me what I wanted, installed it in a timely fashion, and had it working very quickly.”
January 28, 2019
Salem, MA
“This is by far the best alarm company I have ever had. Great service and very reasonable. I highly recommend Alarm New England.”
January 29, 2019
Todd S.
Attleboro, MA
“Great company to deal with and their customer service before,during and after are 2nd to none! This is my fourth alarm company in the 26 years I've owned my house and by far the easiest to deal with and their system is great and working beyond my expectations!”
March 6, 2019
Jack P.
Glastonbury, CT
“The system design and sales process went very smoothly. My numerous questions were answered clearly and patiently. At no point did I feel any sort of sales pressure. Likewise, the self-installation process was a breeze, with Connie's expert coaching. Her sense of humor helped as well! I heartily recommend this team to anyone in the market for a home alarm system.”
February 25, 2019
Bob H.
Warwick, RI
“Service is something lacking in our world today. The Team at Alarm New England, whether it be tech support, installation technicians, sales, or at the monitoring station, are top notch. This is a REAL alarm company, rather than a cable company that bolts on alarm service as an afterthought. These guys are the real deal!”
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For 48 years, we have designed and installed thousands of burglar alarm and security systems across Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

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