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Best Gun Safes for Handguns

24 Apr 2020

Responsible gun owners understand the importance of practicing safety protocols when it comes to storing firearms properly and securely.

Common sense dictates that gun owners keep their guns from being accidentally picked up by a child, stolen or misused to harming others when not in use.

Firearm safety should be a top priority for every gun owner. The safest way to store them is to keep them in tamper-proof storage - a gun safe - to prevent any accidents, theft or damage.

Here is a short overview for evaluating your storage options to help you find the right product to ensure maximum security, ample space, and top quality.

Key factors we considered in selecting each product on the list include:

  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Size
  • Lock mechanism



This safe comes in a sturdy, compact model with solid steel construction and a pry-resistant door.

For accessibility, it sports a push-button with a combination lock that requires no keys to open it. However, set of keys is also provided for those who prefer it and to ensure you can open the safe should you forget your combination.

The safe opens silently with a release of compressed gas and has backlit combination keys for easy opening in dark places.


  • The combination lock runs without batteries
  • The keypad comes with only four buttons, making it easy to set a combination password
  • The lock system is concealed, preventing it from being picked


  • The keys are sensitive and need to be firmly pressed
  • It is not fireproof or waterproof



This uses technology that allows you to open it with a smartphone. It is constructed with 16-gauge steel and polished with a powder coat finish to prevent rust and corrosion.

Offering numerous quick-access options, users can open the safe with a key, using the keypad, or with the Bluetooth option. The gun safe also has a high-resolution biometric scanner that can program up to 20 fingerprints.

Additional features include: silent access mode, an interior light, and ample storage space.


  • Comes with a security cable, charger, mounting screws, and a screwdriver for installation.
  • Features a smartphone app that informs the user about the status of the safe.
  • Rechargeable battery included


  • There have been reports of the biometric scanner becoming faulty



In addition to its sleek, streamlined appearance, it comes with a distinctive fingerprint pad for extra security and easier access and is large enough to hold other valuables.

With its biometric scanning feature, it can store up to 30 fingerprints. There are also two sets of keys provided and comes with pre-drilled holes for mounting.


  • Large capacity
  • Fingerprint security
  • Backup keys are modeled in unique shapes so their locks can’t be picked


  • Not fireproof or waterproof
  • Large size makes it difficult to conceal
  • Fingerprint pad is sensitive and must be kept clean



The Gunvault Speedvault SV500 is compact, allowing for portability. Its 18-gauge steel design is highly resilient to tampering. The drop-down drawer makes for easy access in case of emergency. It comes equipped with a digital keypad for quick entry, a ‘silent keypad’ mode, and an interior light.


  • Rugged panel and can be mounted on a variety of surfaces
  • Electronic, battery-operated lock and can also be opened with a key
  • Noiseless access using the silent mode


  • Digital keypad can be overly-sensitive
  • Not fireproof or waterproof



This safe has a simple, polished steel design and. does not need a battery or electricity to open. It is made from an enhanced durable steel for maximum resilience and durability and can be anchored vertically or horizontally.

It comes with a Simplex lock that opens with a PIN number. The PIN must contain a combination of 8 digits, pressed in the correct order to open the safe.


  • Mechanically operated, so it is not dependent on electricity or batteries
  • Clear and straightforward manual for setting your password combination
  • 14-gauge steel makes it quite heavy, making it difficult to steal the safe


  • Mechanical operation means it does not have memory for multiple PIN combinations
  • Its weight also reduces portability

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