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 Honeywell SiX Sensors

Simple self-installation. Whole-house protection.

 300-foot Transmission Range
RF Jamming Resistant
Push and Email Notifications

Lyric works with sensors featuring Honeywell SiX™ two-way wireless technology—enhancing the effectiveness of your security system and providing you with complete, whole-house protection. Stylish and unassuming, they preserve the beauty of your home while protecting it.

Smoke Detector
Provides the ultimate protection of life and property and can be professionally monitored 24/7. When one detector sounds, they all do— helping to ensure you’re notified wherever you are in your home.

Door/Window Sensor
Low-profile devices provide superior protection for doors and windows.

Motion Detector
Can detect an intruder’s movement while letting pets up to 80 lbs. move freely about your home.

Glassbreak Detector
Listens for the sound of breaking glass and provides an excellent first line of defense against intruders.

Two-Way Wireless Key
Provides easy, fingertip control of security, lights and other devices and visually indicates system status with a bi-color LED.

Secure Your Doors and Windows With More Than Locks

A security system is only as good as the weakest link in the network. Even if you’ve got the most state-of-the-art control panel on the market, it’s useless without the right sensors to trip the alarm.

That’s where the Honeywell SiXCT Wireless Door and Window Contact comes in.

These sleek sensors are designed to alert your Lyric Controller the moment one of your doors or windows are opened maliciously.

+ So easy to set up, your grandma could do it
The SiXCT was specifically designed to work seamlessly with the Lyric Controller. Connecting it to your system and programming it takes just minutes of your time.

+ Tamper protection to keep burglars at bay
Equipped with both radio jamming security and tamper protection, the SiXCT is so secure that the Pink Panther himself couldn’t disable it without tripping the alarm.

Protect Every Window and Door with the SiXCT

Sleep easy at night knowing that every entryway is secured by the top of the line in window and door sensors when you add the SiXCT to your Lyric alarm system.

Protect Your Family With These Electronic Watch Dogs
An alarm system without motion detectors is like a bank without a security guard. If malicious intruders get into the house, what can you do to stop them?

The SiXPIR Wireless Motion Detector boasts a massive 300-foot range, capable of catching criminals in even the largest of rooms. If intruders do find a way into your home, the SiXPIR isn’t going to let them get far without tripping the alarm.

+ Simple setup, maximum protection
Built to integrate with your Lyric Controller, the SiXPIR motion sensor can be connected to your security system in minutes. Once installed, you’ll have full control over motion, temperature, and moisture sensitivity to protect your home not only from intruders, but property-damaging weather conditions as well.

+ Keep your home safe without distraction
The SiXPIR has a sleek, modern, neutral-colored design so that securing your family doesn’t mean destroying your decor. Unlike other clunky systems, these sensors won’t distract you day to day.

Secure Your Home Inside and Out With the SiXPIR
Like electronic watch dogs standing at alert on command, the SiXPIR Wireless Motion Detector will keep your home safe morning, noon, and night.

Around 2,000,000 home burglaries occur in the USA every year, with 66% of the break-ins being residential in nature. While door alarms are commonplace, most homeowners don’t install a glass-break detector. If you only have contacts on your sliding doors or large windows, an intruder can still enter your home without triggering the alarm by smashing through the pane itself.

Introducing the SiXGB Honeywell Wireless Glassbreak Detector, part of the next-gen suite of Honeywell devices that ensure all-round home protection compatible with the Honeywell Lyric Controller. With an amazing 300-foot transmission range with 25-foot pattern recognition radius, detecting the faintest sound of broken glass is easy for the SixGB.

+ No Sweat to Install and Maintain

Protecting your windows is made simple with easy battery pull-tab, no-touch adjustment, and auto-enrollment features for quick installation.

+ Cutting-edge Encryption Technology

Never fear cunning burglars bypassing your security system. SiX Two-Way Wireless Technology uses 128-bit AES protection for security encryption that’s on-par with corporate security standards.

+ Next-Gen Anti-Hack and Tamper Features

The next generation Lyric Lock system requires two-person security interaction which requires the dealer to be present when locking or unlocking any of the Honeywell SiX line of products including the SiXGB- Honeywell Wireless Glassbreak Detector, making any hacking or tampering efforts futile.

Complete Your Home Security with SiXGB

Make the smart choice to ensure 100% home-security with one of the best window protection devices on the market, the SiXGB- Honeywell Wireless Glassbreak Detector.

Introducing the SiXSMOKE Honeywell Wireless Smoke Detector, the cutting-edge smart smoke alarm from Honeywell that will alert you if there’s a fire not only when you’re at home, but anywhere you are as long as you have an internet connection and the Honeywell Lyric Controller.

With a 300-foot transmission range, this smoke-detector is a standout among smart security devices on the market, ensuring you never have to worry about the danger that fire poses to your precious home, belongings, and—most importantly—family.

Installation is a piece of cake with wireless installation features that save you a ton of trouble from expensive and invasive drilling and wiring. Mount, connect ,and program the device in the snap of a finger with the Honeywell Lyric Controller and you’re good to go.

Seamless detection and updates regarding tamper, maintenance, battery conditions, and alarms are transmitted in real time without delay, ensuring you can take prompt action at a moment’s notice.

Smart algorithm for negating false alarms is one of the most unique features of the SiXSMOKE. This cutting-edge technology detects and ignores false spikes from dust and light smoke, unlike common smoke-detectors.

Fire-proof Your Home with SiXSMOKE

Made with functionality in mind and next-gen aesthetics, the SiX Smoke Honeywell Wireless Smoke Detector is the ultimate choice in home fire defense wherever you are.

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