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Home Alarm Monitoring Saves Home From Catastrophic Fire

24 Dec 2019

Bristol, CT - Alarm New England's UL-Approved central station saved a home from fiery destruction last week. 

At 8:31 PM on Wednesday, April 19th, one of our operators, Taylor, received a fire alarm signal in our Rocky Hill, CT central alarm monitoring station.

Her immediate action saved a family's home from destruction as they were not there to hear the fire alarm going off. Local alarm monitoring companies like us save hundreds of homes per year doing this. 

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firefighters responding to home fire that could have been prevented with fire alarms and alarm monitoring

Once the fire alarm signal was received, Taylor first called the home to verify that the alarm was in fact real. When no one answered the phone, she immediately took action and called the fire department. 

Responding authorities found that a log in the fireplace had caught on fire. The flue was not open and the smoke had caused the smoke alarm. There was smoke up the wall in the bedroom where the fireplace was located. 

Luckily, no one was injured and the first responders were able to eliminate further threat for the family while they were not home. 

When people think of smart security systems, they often think of intrusion protection. However, a Honeywell alarm panel can also protect your family and your home from the deadliest intruder of all - fire. 

We recommend adding wireless smoke detectors to all systems so that our home alarm monitoring services can watch for fire whether you are there or not.

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You cannot rely on your neighbors or yourself to react quickly enough when there's an emergency. They may not be home, and you need to focus on getting your family out of the house as fast as possible. Let us call those who can save you. 

According to the National Fire Protection Association,  2,720, or 74 percent of all fire deaths, occurred in the home.  

An estimated $25.6 billion in property damage occurred as a result of fire and $11.1 billion in property damage occurred in structure fires, including $8 billion in property loss in home fires.

Installing, maintaining and monitoring the right home security and fire monitoring systems is critical in preventing unnecessary loss.

Consult with a professional to protect your home and the ones you love.

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