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Honeywell SkyBell Trim Plus 1080p Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

 Remotely check doorbell activity, wherever you are.

 Mobile App Control
Live On-Demand Video
Withstands Harsh Climates

Combine security and innovation in the way you interact with home visitors with the new SkyBell Video Doorbell.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology that fuses multiple functionalities in one small package, your new doorbell will be the envy of the neighborhood. Including smooth smart-phone app integration, this easy-to-install device features a sleek design that blends in with your exterior decor without compromising functionality.

Unparalleled Home Security Control is in your hands with the SkyBell. Ensure the safety of your family, especially your children, by seeing who’s at your doorstep and speaking with them with the “Always On” instant video monitoring and two-way communicator integration through your iOS or Android smart device.

Amazing Security Coverage with 120-130° field of view, 1080p video recording capabilities at 15 fps and 180° of motion-detection. Skybell's full color night vision ensures 24/7 protection for your home even when you’re away from town.

The Sleek but Tough Design ensures that the Skybell's durability is not compromised by visual aesthetics. The device can run in extreme temperatures ranging from anywhere between -40° to 140° without malfunctioning. The IP54-rated device is built to withstand New England's harsh blizzards as well as its blazing-hot summers.

Let the SkyBell be your home’s silent guardian.

Built with today’s sensibilities and tomorrow’s needs in mind, the Honeywell SkyBell Slim Design 1080p Wi-Fi video Doorbell will take care of your home’s primary security needs with features that make managing your life easier and providing peace of mind.


Camera CMOS: image sensor, 5X digital zoom
Video: H.264 1080p HD (up to 15 FPS)
Field of View: 120-130° horizontal FOV

Microphone: Built-in, omni-directional
Speaker: 105 dBSPL @ 1 cm
Motion Sensor: 180° PIR detection up to 10 ft. 
Color Night Vision: 0.1 LUX up to 15 ft.
LEDs: Software selectable color
Materials/Finish: Oil rubbed bronze/silver


HEIGHT 4.8 in (12.2 cm)
WIDTH 1.44 in (3.65 cm)

DEPTH 1.13 in (2.86 cm)
WEIGHT 2.0 oz (56.7 g)


Power Input

External power source connected to 110/220 AC power. The external power source must conform with one of the following:

North America – NEC Class 2 transformer with an output from 8 to 30 VAC, 10 VA, or 12 VDC Limited Power Source (LPS) with an amperage rating of 0.5 amps.

International – Low voltage transformer:
8 VAC 1 AMP, or 12 VDC limited power supply with an amperage rating of 0.5 amps.

Wi-Fi Router
802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz

Initial Set-Up
Requires use of smartphone or tablet and 
a high-speed Internet connection

Operating System

Apple iOS 8.1 or later
Android 2.X or later (available soon)

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