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Home Security in Providence, RI

Welcome to Alarm New England's business and home security page for Providence, Rhode Island. This informational page provides important crime data along with additional information for those living in or considering moving to Providence.

Population: 180,393
County: Providence
ZIP Codes: 02860, 02901, 02902. 02903, 02904, 02905, 02906, 02907, 02908, 02909, 02910, 02911, 02912, 02914, 02918, 02940

Providence Crime Statistics

The crime rate in Providence is higher than the average across all communities and towns of all sizes in the US. The rate of crime in the town (violent and property crimes combined) is 40 crimes for every one thousand residents. As a result, the chance that a person will become the victim of crime in the town is 1 in 25.

When Providence is compared with other cities and towns of all sizes in Rhode Island, the crime rate in Providence is higher than 100% of the state’s towns and cities. In relation to other similar sized towns and cities in the US, the rate of crime in Providence is near average for such comparably sized towns in the US.

The rate at which violent crimes occur in Providence is one of the highest across all communities and towns of all population sizes in the US. The likelihood that a person will be the victim of a violent crime like armed robbery, aggravated assault, murder or rape in Providence is 1 in 173. That translates to a violent crime rate of 6 for every one thousand people in the town.

The rate of occurrence of property crimes in Providence is 34 property crimes for every one thousand people in the town. This property crime rate makes Providence a place where a person has an above average chance of becoming the victim of a property crime when compared to other communities and towns of all population sizes in the US. The chance of becoming a victim of a property crime like motor vehicle theft, burglary, arson, or larceny in Providence is 1 in 29.

Providence has one of the highest rates of motor vehicle theft in the US. Compared to communities and towns of all sizes, the probability of getting your car stolen in Providence is 1 in 238.

History of Providence

The area that is present-day Providence was settled by Roger Williams as one of the original colonies in New England. When Williams and his group had to leave the Massachusetts Bay Colony, they found refuge in Providence.

Providence was founded and incorporated as a town in 1636. Roger Williams named the town Providence because he believed that God’s merciful Providence made him find a place/haven for his followers.

The residents of Providence were parts of the first Patriots to spill blood in the events that led to the American Revolutionary War during the Gaspee Affair in 1772. The center of civic life in Providence in the 1800s was the Market Square. Before Providence City Hall was built, Market House was the home of the city council.

The economy of Providence shifted from maritime activities after the American Revolutionary War to manufacture of machinery, tools, jewelry, silverware, and textiles. Some of the largest manufacturing plants in the US were in Providence at the turn of the 20th century.

Providence was ratified as a city in 1831. The manufacturing industry in Providence was invaluable to the Union during and after the American Civil War.

In the early 1900s, Providence was one of the wealthiest cities in the US. Major manufacturing products were made in Providence, such as precision tools, steam engines, textiles, and screws.

Interesting Facts About Providence

  • Providence hosts Waterfire during the summer months. Waterfire is an environmental art installation that features around 100 bonfires that blaze above the surface of the three rivers flowing through the middle of downtown Providence. Many of the Waterfire events are accompanied by classical and contemporary music. Public art displays are also made during the event.
  • Providence is home to many parks, such as Waterplace Park and Riverwalk, Roger Williams Memorial, Roger Williams Park, and Prospect Terrace Park.
  • Prospect Terrace Park features a 15-foot tall granite statue of Roger Williams. The park also features expansive views of downtown Providence.
  • Being one of the first cities in the US, Providence has many historic and pre-revolutionary buildings. In all, there are 423 districts and properties listed on the US National Register of Historic Places in Providence, including 15 National Historic Landmarks.
  • The Old State House in Providence, Rhode Island’s capital between 1762 and 1904, has a dome that is the 4th largest self-supporting dome in the world. The dome is also the 2nd largest marble dome in the world.
  • The world’s largest termite (known as Big Blue Bug) is a famous roadside attraction in southern Providence. The attraction is called Nibbles Woodaway.

Notable Residents

Claudia Jordan, the winner of Miss Rhode Island, USA (1997) was born in Providence.George Andrews, the

Adjutant General of the US Army (1912 – 1914) was born in Providence.

George Henry Corliss, the inventor of the Corliss steam engine, died in Providence in February 1888. His steam engine revolutionized the industry because it made steam-power cheaper than water-power for powering factories.

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