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Home Security in Yarmouth, MA


Welcome to Alarm New England's business and home security page for Yarmouth, Massachusetts. This informational page provides important crime data along with additional information for those living in or considering moving to Yarmouth.

Population: 23,548 (2016)
Number of Households 11,089
County: Barnstable
ZIP Codes: 02664, 02673, 02675

Yarmouth Business and Home Security Facts

Yarmouth is a small town located on Cape Cod, or as it is also known as - Barnstable county, Massachusetts. Locals see it as a group of three large villages - South Yarmouth, Yarmouth Port and West Yarmouth. Being a part of Cape Cod, one would think that tourism is the dominant industry in the area, but it's actually only the third largest. Retail is where most of Yarmouth's workforce is employed in, barely beating healthcare and social assistance. With that said, construction, finance and administrative support are also among the driving industries in this town.

Although it definitely not a hub of organized crime, Yarmouth isn't the safest town in all of Massachusetts either. Far from it. Compared to its nearest towns and cities, Yarmouth's crime statistics are nearly twice as bad. Violent crime is on par with national average but almost consistently above the state average. With that said, property crime is what distorts Yarmouth's crime statistics the most by being 6 points above national average.

The housing situation in Yarmouth coincides with its stable and slowly growing economy. Median home value in this part of Barnstable County is $398,125, which is above national average. Household income mirrors this situation and holds at $55,858. That is around $3000 more than an average household makes on the national level. Even though it is far from being the wealthiest town in this part of Massachusetts, Yarmouth still has a very high percentage of homeowners where only 21% of its residents are renters.

History of Yarmouth

Long before Yarmouth was established and incorporated, it used to be a settled by Wampanoag - a group of Native American tribes who are still present in the area. Their thriving community was decimated in 1615 by an unknown illness. Many are attributing this unfortunate event to the establishment of colonial settlements in the area several decades later. Yarmouth as we know it today was established and incorporated on September 3 of 1639. Its original colonial residents were settlers from the already established Massachusetts Bay Colonies and Plymouth.

Being a fairly small community at the time didn't stop Yarmouth from establishing trade routes to Boston and other cities. As it was the case with a number of other coastal towns, Yarmouth has had a strong fishing and shipbuilding tradition. Yarmouth whalers were, and still are well known across the East Coast.

The more recent history of Yarmouth has seen it completely transformed into a resort community. Near the end of nineteenth century there was an influx of developers who saw profit in this town's rich history, but especially its proximity to the ocean. Their investments built a number of resorts across the area, which have put Yarmouth on the map as a popular holiday destination.

Things to See and Do in Yarmouth

As many have learned over the years, the town of Yarmouth offers a lot in terms of things to see and do. It is one of the rare destinations in this part of the state where you get to experience great history, beautiful beaches and nature, but also world class cuisine. A great place to start your tour is Captain Bangs Hallet House. It is a home which belonged to a sea captain and has been preserved to this day. If you wanted to know how these families lived in 1800s, this museum will give you an authentic glimpse.

Other historically notable sites include the Taylor Bray Farm, Winslow Crocker House and other. Taylor Bray Farm is particularly interesting because it was built and owned by one of the oldest Yarmouth families. If you are more into modern history, you need to leave some room for a visit to Edward Gorey House. Gorey's work, especially his often times morbid pen-and-ink drawings, are well known around the world. His house is run by a society whose main goal is to preserve this great man's legacy.

When you're done with sightseeing for the day, drop down to one of Yarmouth's many fine restaurants for some food and relaxation. Places such as Alberto's Ristorante and Old Yarmouth Inn are known for their great cuisine.

Notable Residents

Yarmouth's most well known residents are a sea captain and an artist. Asa Eldridge is famous for setting the world speed record for the fastest trip across the Atlantic in a commercial sailing vessel. It took him 13 days and an hour to reach Liverpool from New York, which is a time yet to be beaten. As for the artist, we are of course talking about Edward Gorey. Other notable people include Tomas Chandler Tacher, George Tacher - a congressman and a statesman.

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