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Home Security in Weston, MA


Welcome to Alarm New England's business and home security page for Weston, Massachusetts. This informational page provides important crime data along with additional information for those living in or considering moving to Weston.

Population: 12,111
Number of Households: 3,769
County: Middlesex
ZIP Codes: 02453, 02466, 02493

Weston Business and Home Security Facts

Weston, Massachusetts has a crime rate of just 6 per thousand residents. According to FBI statistics, Weston is safer than 87% of the towns and cities in America. So much so that the chances of falling victim to a crime of any kind in Weston are 1 in 173. Ranked as one of the 100 safest towns and cities in the United States, violent crime occurs in Weston at a rate of one per one thousand citizens.

History of Weston

Weston was initially a section of land that was contained in the Watertown settlement of the year 1630. The areas that form modern-day Weston were originally used as a source of fodder for grazing cattle. Later on, in the late sixteen-hundreds, the grazing lands were ceded off as an independent precinct. The Farmer's Precinct, as it was informally referred to, got its own meeting house in 1698. Fifteen years later in 1713, the Farmer's Precinct was incorporated under state law as a separate independent town with the name "Weston."

Following the initial settlement of Weston, residents found that land for farming was in short supply. The potential for aquatic occupation was also limited. However, Weston was positioned along a busy traveler's route west from the more prosperous Boston. In time, the people of Weston began to perform services to travelers on the road. Taverns began to spring up in the town, blacksmith shops, and other shopping establishments that serviced travelers.

The seventeenth century saw the arrival of sawmills, grist mills, major pottery establishments, and a tannery on North Avenue. In the eighteenth century, Weston began to attract wealthy entrepreneurs with its serenity, low taxes, beautiful rocky landscape, and its proximity to Boston. Today, Weston is one of the wealthiest communities in the United States.

Things to See and Do in Weston

The Abel Allen House is a treasure trove of history. The house is believed to have been built in 1696 making it the oldest building in Weston. The Abel Allen House is a testament to different architectural styles as different sections of the house were built in the years 1696, 1720, 1760, 1790 and 1929. American Revolutionary soldier Thomas Rand lived in the house after serving in the Battles of Concord and Lexington.

One of Weston's first taverns, the Golden Ball Tavern is still in existence till date. The inn is a prime example of Late Georgian architectural styles and construction. The Golden Ball Tavern is renowned for its activities during the Revolutionary war as its owner was a loyalist. Tavern keeper Jones gave shelter to British soldiers performing rebellious operations.

The Norumbega Tower is a beautiful historic site in Weston. The tower was erected back in 1889 by Eben Horsford to mark his believed location of legendary Norse city Fort Norumbega. The Norumbega tower is 38 ft tall and is built with sturdy mortared stones. A spiral staircase offers an avenue to reach the top.
Tourists can relax at the Leo J. Martin Golf Course; an 18-hole course which is operated by the state of Massachusetts. The golf course offers power carts, pull carts, a pro shop and putting green. Open 7-days a week; it is the perfect spot to unwind and recoup.

The Weston Ski track offers a fully lit ski loop that is two kilometers long. The ski track also has 13 kilometers of fully maintained trails that are a function of natural snowfall. The fully functional ski track also offers skiing for disabled skiers as well as veterans.

Notable Residents

American composer and pianist David Martin Frank grew up in Weston, Massachusetts. He was an original member of the R&B group ‘The System.’ He is unofficially referred to as the founding father of electronic R&B. David Frank is credited on albums such as '98° and Rising', 'Acoustic Moods' and 'American Juniors.'

Billionaire Jeremy Jacobs has ties to Weston. He is the current owner and operator of Delaware North. Jeremy Jacobs is also the owner of the Boston Bruins, a National Hockey League team. Boston Celtics player Kyrie Irving also has ties to Weston. He was named Rookie of The Year in 2011 and won the NBA championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016.

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