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Home Security in Swampscott, MA


Welcome to Alarm New England's business and home security page for Swampscott, Massachusetts. This informational page provides important crime data along with additional information for those living in or considering moving to Swampscott.

Population: 13,862
Number of Households 5,518
County: Essex
ZIP Codes: 01907

Swampscott Business and Home Security Facts

According to data gleaned from the FBI, Swampscott has a crime rate of just 13 per thousand citizens. This means that Swampscott's crime rate is less than 35% of the cities and towns in Massachusetts. In Swampscott, violent crime occurs at a rate that is far below the nationwide average. Violent crime occurs in Swampscott at a rate of one per thousand citizens. This means that the chances of falling victim to a crime of violent nature are just 1 in 1843. Property crimes have slightly higher occurrences in Swampscott. Property crimes occur in Swampscott at a rate of 13 per 1000 residents.

History of Swampscott

Swampscott was initially settled in the early sixteen hundreds as a part of Lynn. Over two hundred years later, the borders of present-day Swampscott were determined with Swampscott separating from Lynn. Swampscott was incorporated under the law in 1852. With its many beaches, Swampscott has the honor of being America's first unofficial resort town. In fact, Revere Beach in Swampscott is America's very first public beach. The name Swampscott was derived from a Native American language and translates to "red rock."

Swampscott is surrounded by beaches and water bodies. It is therefore not a surprise that it is known as a fishing community. Early records of Swampscott indicate that at least one man in three was a fisherman. Other popular professions in Swampscott at the time included shoe making, shoe cutting, and farming. Ebenezer Philips of Swampscott became a millionaire after setting up a processing facility for drying crying and shipping cod. Swampscott also gained worldwide acclaim after Ebenezer Thorndike invented the much-needed lobster pot to improve the process of lobster harvesting. The Swampscott Dory, a revolutionary fishing boat used to pull lobster pots was designed in 1840 and is still in use even until today.

Things to See and Do in Swampscott

Swampscott's fishing pedigree can be enjoyed at the Swampscott Fish House. The historical storage house is still very much active and in use. Built in 1846, Swampscott's shingle style building is the oldest active fish supply storage house in the United States. Today, the Swampscott Fish House contains the Swampscott Yacht Club together with Swampscott's Sailing Program. The John Humphrey house is another historic building in Swampscott. The building is a house museum as it contains artifacts, memorabilia, and paintings about Swampscott's history. Built in the early seventeen hundreds, it is currently maintained and operated by the Swampscott Historical Society.

The beaches of Swampscott make the long summer months fun and relaxing. King's beach is one of Swampscott's foremost beaches. With restaurants and shops a quick walk away from the beach, King's beach is an enjoyable hub. The promenade situated on the beach is ideal for runs, bike rides, rollerblading, skateboarding and dog walks. Fisherman's beach is the only beach in Swampscott with a launching ramp and a pier. The bustling waterfront affords visitors the opportunity to sail,fish, swim, and go kayaking. Other perfect locations to enjoy the tepid bite of the sun and the crashing sound of the waves include Whales Beach, Preston Beach, Eisman's Beach and Philips Beach.

Notable Residents

The late Anthony Athanas took his last breath in Swampscott. Anthony Athanas was a multi-millionaire owner of successful restaurant chains. Anthony's Pier 4 which had outlets throughout the United States was a creation of Anthony Athanas. Osborne Anderson was an ice hockey player with ties to Swampscott. Osborne Anderson was a part of the U.S ice hockey contingent that won a silver medal at the 1932 winter Olympics.

Retired American football player Williams Joseph Adams has roots in Swampscott. He played with the Buffalo Bills in the NFL before going on to become the football coach at Lynnfield High School.

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