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Home Security in Peabody, MA


Welcome to Alarm New England's business and home security page for Peabody, Massachusetts. This informational page provides important crime data along with additional information for those living in or considering moving to Peabody.

Population: 51,522
Number of Households 21,305
County: Essex
ZIP Codes: 01960, 01961

Peabody Business and Home Security Facts

The overall crime rate in Peabody is 17 for every one thousand residents making the rate of crime in the town near average for all the towns and cities of all sizes in the US. The chance that a person will become the victim of a crime in Peabody is 1 out of 59, which when compared with the other towns and communities in Massachusetts makes the town’s crime rate lower than 23% of the other communities.

When Peabody is compared with other communities of a similar size in the US, the rate of occurrence of crime is considerably lower than the average. As a result, for comparably sized communities and cities in the US, Peabody is actually safe.

In terms of the rate of occurrence of violent crime, Peabody has an occurrence rate that is higher than most communities and towns of all population sizes in the US. The likelihood that a person will be the victim of a violent crime such as armed robbery aggravated assault, rape or murder in Peabody is 1 out of 255. This makes Peabody have a rate of 4 crimes for every one thousand inhabitants.

The rate of occurrence of property crimes such as burglary, larceny, grand theft auto and arson in Peabody is 13 for every one thousand residents (1.3%). This rate of occurrence of crime in Peabody is about the average rate for all the towns and cities of all population sizes in the US.

History of Peabody

The area that is now Peabody was originally referred to as the Northfield, Brooksby, and “the Farms”. It was settled as a part of Salem in 1626. Salem became incorporated in 1629 and by 1752, the area was separated from Salem to become incorporated as part of Danvers town. During this time, it was referred to as “the South Parish” because of a church situated in Peabody Square.

In 1855, the “South Parish” broke off from Danvers and became incorporated as the town of South Danvers. Later in April 1868, the name of the town was changed to Peabody in honor of a resident of the area who was a notable philanthropist, George Peabody. Peabody was incorporated as a city in 1916.

The early settlers in Peabody were mainly farmers, however, the streams and rivers bordering the community led to the development of mills that operated using water. Gradually, Peabody became more industrialized and the leather industry became fully established. New England’s leather industry became a major industry in Peabody.

In the early 1900s, industrialization in Peabody had become so established that the population of Peabody had grown to the point that one-third of the population was made up of people who were born outside the US. The Irish and Russians formed a greater percentage of the people in the town.

Interesting Facts About Peabody

  • Due to its rich industrial history, Peabody is nicknamed “Tanner City” or “The Leather City”.
  • In October 1915, a fire incident which killed 21 young girls in St. Johns School, Peabody led to the establishment of a law that all the entrances and exits to public buildings be push-open and not by handle or knob.
  • The Salem Country Club is located in Peabody. It is a country club that is privately owned and has a professional golf course. The 2001 and 2017 US Senior Open and the 1954 and 1984 US Women’s Open were held on the golf course.
  • Two notable victims of the Salem witch trials between February 1692 and May 1693, Giles Corey and Martha Corey, have memorials erected in their honor at Crystal Lake in Peabody.
  • Peabody joined the automobile revolution in the early 20th century and hosted the pioneer Brass Era company, Corwin Manufacturing.
  • The Peabody Institute Library in Peabody was established in 1854 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in June 1973. It is believed that the library is the oldest public library in the US that has operated from the same location.

Notable Residents

Samantha Livingstone (nee Arsenault) was born in Peabody in October 1981. She was an American swimming athlete and represented the US at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney winning the gold medal with the US team of swimmers.

Matthew Jason Bloom, the American professional wrestling trainer and retired National Football League player, was born in Peabody in November 1972. He currently works for the World Wrestling Entertainment as a head trainer in Orlando, Florida.

Nathaniel Bowditch, the American mathematician hailed as the founder of modern maritime navigation was born in Salem, in parts that are present-day Peabody. An elementary and middle school was named after him in 2001.

Bradley Edward Delp, the lead vocalist of the rock bands RTZ and Boston was born in Peabody in June 1951. He was both a singer and songwriter.

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