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Home Security in Norwell, MA


At the rate of seven per one thousand citizens, crime rates in Norwell are rather low compared to other cities in Massachusetts. The chances of falling victim to a crime are 1 in 139. Norwell has a lower crime rate than 67% of the other cities in Massachusetts. According to FBI statistics, Norwell is safer than over 70% of American cities.

Population: 11,052 (2016)
Number of Households 3,468
County: Plymouth
ZIP Codes: 02061

Norwell Business and Home Security Facts

Norwell is a small town known for its long history as well as its steadily growing economy. Located along the Route 3, it's a mere half hour drive from downtown Boston. For such a small town, Norwell is home to some of the biggest names in defense industry. Giants such as Raytheon Company, L3 Technologies FLIR Systems all employ a large number of people in Norwell. With that said, this town is home to other tech, pharmacy and research oriented corporations. With an unemployment rates being a full percent below the national average of 5.2% and a steady job market increase, Norwell is attracting more people every year.

Just like most of its neighboring towns, Norwell has never had any heavy history of crime. With two murders in the past 16 years, it is also one of the safest communities in the area. Theft has been a problem back in mid 2000s with 500 reported cases in 2006 alone. The most recent statistic shows that number reduced to 161 for 2016. At the moment, Norwell, MA is safer than 87% of U.S. cities and towns.

Due to its growing economy, real estate in Norwell shows a median home value of $448,931. This makes it one of the more expensive places to live in the state of Massachusetts as well as United States as a whole. With that said, 79.3% of the homes are owned by their residents while only 20.7% are renting. Even though real estate is on the expensive side, the high percentage of homeowners can be explained by the median household income of $100,484.

History of Norwell

Norwell was bounded back in 1634 as a settlement of Scituate. Under the umbrella of the law, Norwell was created as South Scituate in 1849. A mere thirty-one years later, the residents of South Scituate voted by ballot to have the name of the town changed. South Scituate became Norwell as we know it today in the year 1888. The city of Norwell is christened after Henry Norwell, a wealthy merchant who assisted the town in the maintenance of its roads by donating substantial funds.

In the years that followed the settling of Norwell, new settlers were attracted to Norwell due to its immense agricultural potential. The southeastern border of Norwell runs alongside the North River. This provides an avenue for irrigation and water for fish farming. With time, Norwell developed into a vast shipbuilding industry. Throughout the 18th and 19th century, Norwell absolutely dominated the shipbuilding sector. Some of the finest frigates, merchant vessels and schooners were crafted in Norwell. Today, Norwell is a wealthy community with modern shopping malls, schools, and health facilities.

Things to See and Do in Norwell

Norwell is blessed with a whole lot of natural resources in the form of beautiful scenery and vegetation. The Jacobs Pond conservation area alone houses 200 acres of untapped land. In addition to this, the conservation area is home to a 60-acre picturesque man-made pond. The conservation area also contains the Jacob Farm Museum which is home to a modest collection of exhibits and artifacts relating to the history of the city.

Another beautiful park in Norwell is Fogg Park. The enormous park is full of amazing trails and contains an old stone wall that were used to mark property lines in the past. Fogg Park has an enchanting wooden garden built around a stream.

Tourists are also welcomed to visit Garfield Park which is mostly a playground and the Albert Norris conservation area. The Albert Norris Conservation Area is complete with hardwood trees and lush green vegetation. Lastly, the Cuffee conservation area is a fantastic parcel of land near the Norwell city line, containing the one-of-a-kind Black Pond Bog. The Black Pond Bog has exceptionally high acidity levels and is a deep glacial kettle hole pond. The Black Pond Bog is adorned with beautiful flowers such as mosses, orchids, and water willows.

Notable Residents

Up until the 20th century, the most famous person from Norwell was Asa Pollard. He was the first man to fall at the Battle of Bunker Hill during the American Revolutionary War. As the town grew in size, it gave us a number of successful athletes, most of whom were playing hockey and baseball. Some of the names you will see on this list include Gary DiSarcina, who was in the All-Star roster of 1995 and Tom Glavine, who was accepted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. The hockey players worth noting are Tom Fitzgerald, Bob Miller and Paul Miller.

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