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Home Security in North Andover, MA


Welcome to Alarm New England's business and home security page for North Andover, Massachusetts. This informational page provides important crime data along with additional information for those living in or considering moving to North Andover.

Population: 28,677
Number of Households 10,515
County: Essex
ZIP Codes: 01845

North Andover Business and Home Security Facts

North Andover is one of the safest towns in Massachusetts. Its rate of violent crimes sits well below the average for the state. And while around 11 assaults happen there every year, rape, robbery and murder are non-existent.

The chances of a property crime occurring there are, of course, slightly higher, but they are still at half the average for the whole state. One in 140 are affected by property crimes every year, either car theft or burglary, while the chances are significantly higher at 1 in 64 on average for Massachusetts. Without a doubt, you'd feel safe in North Andover.

History of North Andover

North Andover, 30 miles north of Boston, was known to the natives as Chochichawicke - named after the glacial lake there. Before 1639, when the surrounding nearby towns of Salem, Ipswich, Wenham and Newbury were thriving, the woods of Andover remained untouched by the settler's axe and home to the Pennacook tribe.

Weakened by diseases unwittingly brought across the Atlantic by the colonists, the Pennacook chose to welcome their new neighbors. In 1641, one named John Woodbridge and a group of settlers from Ipswich and Newbury laid the ground for future settlement when they purchased a piece of the land for their plantation for "six pounds and a coat". Five years later, the settlement was incorporated as a town and named Andover.

The fragile peace lasted until the King Philips' war in 1675, during which the colonists drove the Pennacook north to Maine and Canada. These were times of great change and uncertainty. Ideological conflicts divided The Church while Indians frequently raided neighboring villages. In 1709 the Great and General Court of Massachusetts divided the town into north and south parishes, with the northern parish taking the name of North Andover.

By then, the hysteria which led to the Salem Witch Trials had engulfed Andover more than any other town in New England. More than 40 Andover citizens were accused of practicing witchcraft. Three were burned at the stake. Five others received convictions and were thrown in jail.

Over the next 50 years, nationalistic movement had begun to take precedence over religious fervor. Over 350 patriotic Andover men fought against the redcoats at Bunker Hill during the Revolutionary War of 1765, while half the town population ventured to the highest point in Essex, Holt Hill, to witness the burning of Charlestown later that year. Then, during the Civil War, over 600 North Andover men volunteered to fight the slave owners.

After the wars, industry grew. The abundance of water power along the Cochichawick Brook eventually transformed the existing sawmills and grist mills into the huge manufacturing companies which would remain the economic engine of the town until 1983. Today, North Andover is mostly a serene bedroom community for big businesses in Boston.

Things to See and Do in North Andover

The brooks, reservoirs, ponds and rivers will naturally draw your eyes. Don't resist. The town has a laid-back, natural vibe to it. Apart from the gorgeous scenery, it harbors historical clues, for those who know where to look for them.

Pop by the Parson Barnard House at Osgood Street for a glimpse into the daily life of 18th century colonists, or visit the Johnson Cottage in North Andover's Old Centre to see how things had changed in the following 100 years.

Have a cup of coffee in any top coffee shop in town and continue your exploration with a visit to the Addison Gallery of American Art where you can gorge on the colorful artwork of the American artists of the 19th and 20th century. There is no admission fee.

For a more leisurely day, put your boots on and go for a walk in the Harold Parker State Forest where you will treat your lungs to fresh air and enjoy the absolutely breathtaking scenery. Or hike the Bay Circuit Trail, which stretches over 100 miles around the busy city of Boston.

But the best things are best left for last. A North Andover stay without a visit to the ancient lake of Chochichewick will simply be a huge waste. Hire a boat or kayak and enjoy a full day fishing and feasting on the scenery and ancient vibes of the place.

Notable Residents

Poet and first-wave settler Anne Bradstreet is a standout former resident of the town. Philosopher and author of 'Free Will' and 'Philosophy of Religion', Daniel Dennett enjoys the peace and quiet of North Andover along with his wife.

Actor James Spader, famous for playing Stargate's Dr. Daniel Jackson, seeks refuge from the busy life of acting along the brooks of the town.

The 30-minute drive to Boston and quiet neighborhood attracts a number of sports people such as former NFL players Sidney Watson and George Glenie, along with active linebacker Zak DeOssie and former NHL player Steve Heinze.

Funnily enough, parts of 'The Invention of Lying', with Ricky Gervais, were shot in North Andover. And, before you ask, no, lying wasn't invented there. It was the natural charm of the town that captured the filmmakers.

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