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Home Security in Methuen, MA


Welcome to Alarm New England's business and home security page for Methuen, Massachusetts. This informational page provides important crime data along with additional information for those living in or considering moving to Methuen.

Population: 47,690
Number of Households 17,669
County: Essex
ZIP Codes: 01844

Methuen Business and Home Security Facts

The rate at which crime occurs in Methuen is considerably higher than the average rate across all the communities and towns of all sizes in the US. The crime rate, at 18 crimes for every one thousand residents in the town, though high, is not among the highest crime rates in the states.

The chance that a person will fall victim to either a violent crime or a property crime in Methuen is 1 out of 55. Compared with the 1 out of 35 average chance in the US, it therefore shows that Methuen is not among the safest communities in the country. In Massachusetts, the rate of crime in Methuen is higher than 78% of the cities and towns of all sizes.

When Methuen is compared with other communities in the US that have similar population sizes, Methuen has a noticeably lower than average crime rate. Consequently, Methuen is safer than most of the cities in the US with a comparable population size.

The violent crime rate in Methuen is 2 crimes for every one thousand inhabitants, which is about the average for all the communities of all population sizes in the US. The chance that a person will be the victim of a violent crime such as armed robbery, aggravated assault, non-statutory rape, murder and non-negligent manslaughter is 1 out of 632 (0.15%).

The rate of violent crime in Methuen is 16 crimes for every one thousand residents. As a result, there is an above-national average chance of becoming the victim of a property crime such as motor vehicle theft, arson, burglary and larceny in Methuen (1 out of 61).

History of Methuen

The place that is now Methuen was first settled in 1642 and the town was officially incorporated in 1726. Methuen was part of Haverhill, Massachusetts at first but the petition to be separate was written to the General Court in 1724 and was approved in December 1725.

The name of the town was chosen in honor of Sir Paul Methuen who was member of the King’s Privy Council and a friend of the acting Governor of the Province, William Dummer. The home of a resident hosted the first town meeting in March 1726 and the meetinghouse was erected later that year. The location of the meetinghouse is present-day Meetinghouse Hill Cemetery.

The second meetinghouse in Methuen was erected in 1738 and the structure stands till date. It is now known as the Salem N. H. Historical Society building.

The development of Methuen town was influenced by industrial growth in the town in the 19th century. The Methuen Cotton Mills, which was constructed at the Spicket River falls in the 1820s, and the growth in the manufacture of shoes and hats in small factories located along the Spicket led to further industrialization.
Three families played major roles in the development of the town as well as its history. The families; the Nevins, Tenneys and Searles, all prominent and wealthy, were instrumental in the creation of landmarks in Methuen.

Interesting Facts About Methuen

  • Methuen is a town that has historic landmarks and forty-five places listed on the US National Register of Historic Places.
  • Some of the landmarks in Methuen include the Civil War monument, Spicket Falls, Tenney Gatehouse, Searles building and Nevins Home.
  • The Forest Lake in Methuen is a recreational great pond that covers more than fifty-five acres of land where tourists and town residents can engage in different activities such as canoeing, fishing and swimming.
  • The building is classic example of Romanesque architecture and was designed by Elbridge Boyden. It is listed on the US National Register of Historic Places (1984).
  • The Methuen Memorial Music Hall, built in the town in 1909, was built to house “The Great Organ” which was the largest pipe organ in the US at the time. The organ arrived from Germany to the US in March 1863 and took eight months to install.
  • The Nevins Memorial Library in Attleboro was founded by David Nevins Sr. in 1868 and was completed fifteen years later. David died in 1881 before the completion of the grand brick and stained-glass library. It was added to the US National Register of Historic Places in 1984.
    The main location of the Basilian Salvatorian Order in the US is the Saint Basil’s Seminary in Attleboro. The Order is a group of religious priests of the Greek Catholic rite.

Notable Residents

Joseph Robinson Bodwell, the 40th Governor of Maine, was born in Methuen in June 1818.

Susie Castillo, the Miss USA (2003), Miss Massachusetts USA (2003) and Miss Massachusetts Teen USA (1998) winner, was born in Methuen in October 1979.

Elvis James Covey, the 1990 Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner, was born in Methuen in July 1928.

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