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Home Security in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA


Welcome to Alarm New England's business and home security page for Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts. This informational page provides important crime data along with additional information for those living in or considering moving to Manchester-by-the-Sea.

Population: 26,351 (2016)
Number of Households: 9,271
County: Middlesex
ZIP Codes: 01803, 01805

Manchester-by-the-Sea Business and Home Security Facts

Manchester-by-the-Sea is an incredibly safe area to live in and visit. The crime rate is 76% lower than the national average and is expected to continue to have a downward trend in crimes.

History of Manchester-by-the-Sea

Manchester-by-the-Sea is a coastal town, as the name suggests, in northeastern Massachusetts. Not to be confused with neighboring city Manchester in New Hampshire, this seaside town is known for its beaches and views overlooking the ocean.

First established as a settlement in 1645 as Manchester, this area has undergone some name changes throughout its history. The people of this small community in the Salem area, first known as Jeffryes Creeke, wanted to break away and form their own settlement. The new settlement of Manchester was formed. In 1989 the town’s name changed once more when it was renamed to Manchester-by-the-Sea - an old nickname for the town which dates back to the 1800s

Due to its location, naturally boat making and fishing became staple industries. Fisherman in the winter months would swap their trade for boot and shoemaking. By the 19th century, Manchester was home to 40 captains; as well as, the largest ship ever built in Massachusetts at the time of launching in 1839. This ship sailed to Russia where cotton was traded for white feathers. As the fishing industry started to decline in the 1800s, cabinet making rose to take its place as a dominant industry in Manchester. These pieces of fine furniture were sold to homes in Boston, New York, and New Orleans.

The introduction of the railroad connecting Boston to the coast in the mid-1800s brought about a wave of summer vacationers from larger cities. Fresh air and lovely views of the sea even brought ambassadors, foreign princes, and cinema stars of the time. With the influx of visitors, the town responded by building summer cottages and boarding houses. A particularly popular hotel in Manchester was built in 1867 by John Wilkes Booth’s brother, Junius Booth Jr. The Masconomo Hotel began as a small cottage overlooking the famous Singing Beach, and was converted to a massive 300 guest hotel 10 years later.

Things to See and Do in Manchester-by-the-Sea

While Manchester-by-the-Sea may be a small town, it is full of activities and scenic sites. Nearly all of the businesses in town are locally owned which adds a special charm. Browsing the streets and popping into boutiques, new and old, filled with souvenirs, art, and locally made gifts is a great way to spend an afternoon while in town.

It would not be a trip to a New England coastal town without trying some locally caught seafood. Grab a luscious lobster roll and creamy bowl of clam chowder and head to Singing Beach - named for the sound of the sand crunching beneath your feet.

You can also take to the sea by boating in Manchester Harbor or relaxing in Masconomo Park, a lovely grassy park area overlooking the harbor.

Notable Residents

Most notably is John Wilkes Booth’s brother, Junius Brutus Booth, Jr., who constructed a cottage-turned-hotel that was a key place for summer visitors to mingle. The 2016 drama film “Manchester by the Sea” was filmed in the town it was named after and surrounding areas. In 2016 the film swept the Academy Awards winning Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay with multiple nominations.

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