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Home Security in Holliston, MA


Welcome to Alarm New England's business and home security page for Holliston, Massachusetts. This informational page provides important crime data along with additional information for those living in or considering moving to Holliston.

Population: 33,634
Number of Households 13,690
County: Middlesex
ZIP Codes: 01746

Holliston Business and Home Security Facts

As a very small town and bedroom community housing Boston-area workers, Holliston is extremely safe, particularly from violent crime. It is rated safer than 91% o U.S. cities, with a violent crime rate of 0.69 per 1,000 and property crime rate of 3.92 per 1,000.

History of Holliston

Settled on land purchased from indigenous Nipmuc people, whose settlements were eventually pushed out by the English colonists, Holliston is a small community that began with Massachusetts Bay Puritans starting farms on the banks of Lake Winthrop.

The pattern of settlement followed an existing Native American footpath known as Pout Lane, whose well-worn route developed by years of travel was a significant factor in the settlement pattern of this area.

Such footpaths and their influence on modern cities are a subtle yet penetrating reminder that land carries the scars and traces of human societies past. The town incorporated in 1724 and was named for Thomas Hollis, an English benefactor of Harvard University.

Holliston remained primarily a farming community throughout its history. For some time it housed several shoe factories and was known as the largest producer of shoes in the U.S., but globalization and competition from abroad has driven the factories to close. Holliston is today home to over 13,000 people and remains, for the most part, a commuter suburb for people working in Boston and the MetroWest area, with only about ten percent of the working population having jobs in Holliston.

The town’s location amidst several universities has led to a population comprised of highly educated people and a skilled workforce. It has been praised as a “quintessential New England village,” with an exquisitely well-preserved town center and picturesque landscapes.

Things to See and Do in Holliston

While traveling through Holliston in 1789, local lore holds that George Washington stumbled across a giant granite boulder precariously perched on another rock. He was intrigued by this natural balancing act and supposedly even joined in with his men as they cajoled each other to push the rock over. The boulder wouldn’t budge, and more than two hundred years later, Balancing Rock still greets visitors driving by on Route 16 and serves as the namesake of a retirement community built adjacent to it.

Holliston is known for its charming downtown, seemingly frozen in time and peppered by white-steepled churches and beautiful old colonial and Victorian homes. A walk around the quaint town green offers visitors a feel of old New England, complete with a general store dating back to 1863, a family-owned neighborhood market, and an 1840s train depot now remodeled as the Casey’s Crossing restaurant. Downtown is rife with opportunities for antiquing, souvenir shopping, and people-watching at local eateries, and offers wonderfully scenic fall foliage.

Though Massachusetts may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking about space exploration, an interesting piece of NASA history can be found just outside the Holliston Police Station. The Holliston Tree, now more than four decades old, started out as a four-inch trimming with an adventurous past. During the Apollo 14 space mission in 1971, Alan Shepard’s last mission, a package of sycamore seeds accompanied the astronauts on their trip. When they returned from the historic moon walk, some seedlings were used in experiments, and others were distributed to be planted. The first small root cutting given to Holliston didn’t survive, but NASA quickly sent a new cutting. The second seedling was raised in a nursery for six years, until it was finally replanted in its current location. The little seedling had quite the epic journey literally to the moon and back, and overcame more earthly obstacles upon its return. The tree is still at the police station today and can be recognized by the plaque at its base. Earlier this year, a local turtle named Alice, who likely lays her eggs in the area annually, chose a nesting spot under the shade of the Holliston Moon Tree.

Notable Residents

Holliston has been home to many elite athletes, including baseball player Mark Sweeney, hockey players Greg Mauldin and Lyndon Byers, and basketball Olympian Kara Wolters.

Sports fans in the area also hold an ongoing rivalry with the city of Stockton, California. Many believe that the well-known poem “Casey at the Bat” was inspired by and took place in Holliston’s Mudtown neighborhood, while some believe it was written about Stockton. Holliston is also home to tech innovators such as the founders of the job-seeking site Monster.com and the popular photo sharing service Instagram.

Local Resources

Town website: http://www.townofholliston.us/

Visiting New England - Holliston: http://www.visitingnewengland.com/holliston_massachusetts_travel.html


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