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Home Security in Hingham, MA


Welcome to Alarm New England's business and home security page for Hingham, Massachusetts. This informational page provides important crime data along with additional information for those living in or considering moving to Hingham.

Population: 23,202
Number of Households: 8,262
County: Plymouth
ZIP Codes: 02018, 02025, 02043, 02044, 02066

Hingham Business and Home Security Facts

Based in New England since 1972, we’ve worked in the Hingham area for decades. We know the landscape and we have good relationships with local authorities. Our team of dedicated employees live in the communities we serve. Our customers are our neighbors.

FBI statistics indicate that Hingham is safer than 69% of the cities and towns in the country. Only 47% of the communities in the state of Massachusetts are safer than Hingham. Violent crime takes place in Hingham at a rate of one per one thousand. This directly translates that your chances of falling victim to a violent crime in Hingham are 1 in 967. Property crimes, on the other hand, are more rampant in Hingham. However, the chances of being a victim of a property crime in Hingham are just 1 in 117.

History of Hingham

The Wampanoag sachem Wompatuck deeded Hingham to the colonizing English in the year 1655. The town was formerly called "Bare Cove" by its colonizers in 1633 before it was officially incorporated as an independent community under the name "Hingham." Hingham was in Suffolk County for over a hundred and fifty years between 1643 and 1803. During this period, the eastern part of Hingham branched off to become the community of Cohasset.

Since 1803 till today, however, Hingham has been situated under Plymouth county. Hingham was named after a village located in East Anglia, England where most of the colonists were born. Interestingly, Hingham’s creation resulted from religious differences. Many of the colonists together with their vicar fled East Anglia after breaching Anglican doctrines.

Hingham began to develop and flourish in the period that followed the American Revolution. The primary industries that shaped the economic landscape of Hingham included fishing, farming, milling, and shipping. During that period in the seventeenth century, the Derby Academy which is America's first co-educational school was formed.

The eighteenth century heralded the shipping industry nationwide, and it affected Hingham positively. Hingham's fishing scene was renowned as the town had 65 working fishing vessels and one of the largest mackerel fleets in America. The shipping prowess of Hingham was so impressive that for four decades, Hingham was marked as an official entry point into the country.

Things to See and Do in Hingham

Historically, the Old Ship Church in Hingham is a treat. The Puritan church which is also referred to as the Old Ship Meetinghouse was erected in 1681. Interestingly, the Old Ship House is the only existing Puritan Meetinghouse from the 17th century. An excellent place for visitors to enjoy the wonders of seventeenth-century architecture, the Old Ship Church is the oldest church structure in continuous use.

Hingham is also home to World's End. Aptly named, World's End covers a total of 251-acres of conservation area and parks. Bordered by water bodies to the North, East, and West, World's End harbors trees, walking paths with scenic views and lush fields which have proved to be a favorite nesting place of beds and butterflies.

The Boston Harbour Islands National Recreation Area is also a shuttle boat away from Hingham. The national recreational area is made up of a collection of beautiful islands, and a peninsula. The Boston Harbour Islands are good for recreational activities such as hiking and wildlife watching.

Lastly, Hingham is home to 484 acres of wildlife sanctuary, wetland, open fields, rivers, and thick woods in Bare Cove Park. With a number of roads and trails, Bare Cove Park is the perfect location for walks, jogs, bike rides, meditation, and picnics.

Notable Residents

Hingham can lay claim to two of the most famous citizens America has ever produced. Revolutionary War General Benjamin Lincoln has roots in Hingham. General Benjamin Lincoln is famed for accepting Cornwallis' surrender at the Yorktown siege.

The 16th American President, President Abraham Lincoln, descended from Hingham. A bronze replica of the famous Lincoln Memorial is situated in Lincoln Street, Hingham.

Olympic alpine ski athlete Alice Merryweather was born and raised in Hingham. A graduate of Stratton Mountain School, she was a gold medalist at the 2017 Junior Alpine Skiing Championships.

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