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Home Security in Duxbury, MA


Welcome to Alarm New England's business and home security page for Duxbury, Massachusetts. This informational page provides important crime data along with additional information for those living in or considering moving to Duxbury.

Population: 15,126
Number of Households: 5,413
County: Plymouth
ZIP Codes: 02050, 02331, 02332

Duxbury Business and Home Security Facts

Based in New England since 1972, we’ve worked in the Duxbury area for decades. We know the landscape and we have good relationships with local authorities. Our team of dedicated employees live in the communities we serve. Our customers are our neighbors.

According to FBI crime statistics, Duxbury is safer than 83% of the cities and towns in the United States. Duxbury's violent crime rate is far below the national average. With a violent crime rate of 1 per 1000 inhabitants, your chances of falling victim to a violent crime in Duxbury are 1 in 1138. Although property crime rates in Duxbury are high when compared to violent crime rates, your chances of being a victim of a property crime are just 1 in 173.

History of Duxbury

Duxbury has been inhabited by humans as far back as 9000 B.C. Before the arrival of the European settlers, Duxbury was occupied by a tribe known as the Wampanoags. A seaside town, Duxbury was referred to as Mattakeesett by the Wampanoags, meaning "place of plenty fish." Duxbury was settled in the sixteen hundreds. In 1620, English pilgrims established colonies in nearby Plymouth for an agreed seven years.

At the end of the seven-year period, untapped land near the coastlines was allocated to settlers to enable them to engage in farming and other activities. Duxbury was one of the areas parceled out to immigrants. Not long after, settlers began to build homes before going on to request permission to stand as an independent community. Duxbury was incorporated in 1637.

For the better part of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Duxbury was predominantly a farming community. However, in the late 1700s, Duxbury shifted to shopping. After America was given fishing rights on the famous Grand Banks, many families in Duxbury began to build huge fishing schooners.

By the end of the 1840s, Duxbury had at least twenty shipyards and produced a minimum of eight sailing ships every year. Duxbury's economic standing took shape in the late 1870s when it began to gain a reputation as a summer resort. The completion of the Duxbury & Cohasset Railroad also contributed to the influx of summer visitors and boarding houses in Duxbury.

Things to See and Do in Duxbury

Duxbury's reputation as a summer holiday getaway is enhanced by the presence of Duxbury beach. The beautiful sands of Duxbury beach separate Duxbury Bay from the Atlantic Ocean. Apart from being a great spot to swim, surf and picnic, Duxbury beach is perfect for amateur clam digging. Duxbury is also home to another fantastic natural wonder in the Shipyard Lane beach. Hidden off sight in Washington Street, it is a perfect spot to watch the oystermen and enjoy the summer breeze.

Duxbury has a historic monument in the King Caesar House. Built by wealthy shipbuilder and merchant Ezra Weston II in 1809, the house is noted for its unique French wallpapers, portraits of memorable sea captains and 19th-century style furnishings.

Visitors to Duxbury can also visit the Nathaniel Winsor Jr. House. The grand building is touted as the building with the most architectural significance in Duxbury. It was built by Nathaniel Winsor Jr, a wealthy businessman in his time.

The Art Complex Museum is another attraction in Duxbury. The museum features paintings, sculptures, and prints of contemporary artists. It also houses the famous collection of the Carl A.Weyerhaeuser family.

Notable Residents

Bobby Farrelly is a famous screenwriter and director. Together with his brother Peter, he has directed box office hits such as "Dumb and Dumber," its sequel "Dumb and Dumber Too", and the movie "There's Something About Mary." Bobby Farrelly has roots in Duxbury.

Retired National Basketball Association star Bill Curley was born in Duxbury. Bill Curley played for the Detroit Pistons and the Golden State Warriors throughout a storied career. "Peyton Place" actor Charles Patrick O'Neal also has roots in Duxbury. O'Neal is best known for his Academy Award-nominated role in the movie "Love Story."

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