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Home Security in Cohasset, MA


Welcome to Alarm New England's business and home security page for Cohasset, Massachusetts. This informational page provides important crime data along with additional information for those living in or considering moving to Cohasset.

Population: 7,935
Number of Households 2,831
County: Norfolk
ZIP Codes: 02025

Cohasset Business and Home Security Facts

Cohasset is a very safe city in Massachusetts with almost no acts of violent crime per year, and around 50 incidents of property crimes committed annually. The crime rate in Cohasset is significantly lower than the average of most cities in the US.

History of Cohasset

Cohasset is a small coastal town 40 miles south of Boston with a population of around 8,000 residents. The name “Cohasset” comes from the Algonquian word “Conahasset”, which means long rocky place. First discovered in 1614 by John Smith, this picturesque seaside community had a bloody early history. His crew would fish while others sailed the coast creating a map of the area and beyond. The Natives were not happy with the Europeans’ arrival, and one day shot arrows at the colonists. Smith’s crew shot back, killing one and injuring another. This area is now named “Smith’s Rock” after the encounter on the rocky cove.

Cohasset for much of its early colonial history was a part of Hingham. In 1770 Cohasset became its own town. The two big industries in Cohasset, ironworks and fishing, began in the early 18th century and remained a stronghold in the town for over a century. Men from Cohasset have played a part in all of the major battles in the area; even though there were only roughly 150 men in the town at that time. In the French and Indian War, Battle of Saratoga, and Revolutionary War all had men called to battle.

Things to See and Do in Cohasset

Being on the coast has its perks for this lovely seaside community. There are plenty of bays, beaches, and outside spaces and activities in Cohasset. There are the gorgeous views of the Massachusetts Bay and Hingham Bay along with The World’s End, a grassy peninsula on 251 acres of land. This peninsula is a lovely nature sanctuary with tree lined trails, rocky shorelines, and incredible views of the Boston skyline in the distance.

The Paragon Boardwalk running in between the Hingham Bay and the Massachusetts Bay just east of The World’s End are sights typical of a New England coastal town - seafood restaurants, a classic carousel, a large bright arcade, and spacious streets to stroll alongside to pop into shops.

Along the coast are several beaches for visitors to spend the day relaxing on such as Minot Beach, Sandy Beach, and Nantasket Beach. Cohasset has no shortage of parks to explore, like Wheelwright Park, Whitney & Thayer Woods, and Turkey Hill which have hiking trails leading to gorgeous views of Boston, the Harbor, and the Blue Hills. There is also the massive Wompatuck State Park on 3,500 acres that spans several neighboring towns. This park is popular for its extensive trails, campgrounds, and fresh free spring water.

Notable Residents

Cohasset has a long list of notable people either native to the community or are now residing. Michael Kennedy, son of Robert F. Kennedy, and his family lived in Cohasset until his death in 1997. Actress, comedian, and writer for The Office, The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live, Nancy Carrell née Walls, was born and raised in the coastal town. Actress Kate Bosworth spent her high school years in the area and graduated from Cohasset High School in 2001.

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