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Home Security in Canton, MA


Welcome to Alarm New England's business and home security page for Canton, Massachusetts. This informational page provides important crime data along with additional information for those living in or considering moving to Canton.

Population: 21,781
Number of Households:  8,475
County: Norfolk
ZIP Codes: 02021, 02062

Canton Business and Home Security Facts

According to an analysis of FBI data, crime occurs in Canton at a rate of 22 per thousand residents. This statistic means Canton's crime rate is around the average for cities and towns in the United States. Overall, your chances of falling victim to a crime in Canton are just 1 in 84.

Incidentally, Canton's crime rate is low when compared to other cities in the United States with similar population density. Violent crime takes place in Canton at the rate of 3 per thousand residents. Therefore, the chances of falling victim to a violent crime in Canton are 1 in 298. On the other hand, the chances of falling victim of a property crime are 1 in 116.

History of Canton

Canton's story began with the official incorporation of the town of Dorchester. Back in 1637, Dorchester stretched its town boundaries to include present-day Canton, Sharon, Stoughton, and a few other cities. This made Dorchester the largest town in New England at the time, and it was formerly referred to as Dorchester South Precinct.

In early 1726, the portions of Dorchester that comprised Canton, Sharon, and Stoughton requested to be annexed from Dorchester. The new town of Stoughton was created in March 1726 comprising the three aforementioned towns.

It didn't take long for the First Parish to decide that they wanted their freedom too. The First Parish became Canton and was officially incorporated in February 1797.

Names such as "Freedom" and "Danbury" were originally proposed for Canton. The name "Canton" was finally selected by Elijah Dunbar because of the belief that Canton, China was on the exact opposite side of the earth. Elijah Dunbar was the first President of the Stoughton Musical Society.

In the early years that followed its settlement, Canton was notable for being an industrious town. Early businesses in the city manufactured products such as shoe tools, cotton spinning rings, boxes, twines, woolen and silk products. Incidentally, the very first copper rolling mill was built in Canton.

Designed and built in 1801 by Paul Revere, it preceded the manufacturing of the first piece of clothing by a year. Paul Revere had a profound effect on the industry of Canton, also establishing a successful gunpowder factory in addition to his historic invention.

Today, Canton is the home of quite a number of headquarters belonging to huge brands. Dunkin' Donuts, Computershare, Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company and Interpolymer Corporation all have their corporate headquarters in the town of Canton.

Things to See and Do in Canton

One of Canton's tourist hotspots is the Canton Viaduct, built in 1835 and one of two oldest surviving arch stone railroad bridges still in active use. At the time of its completion in 1835, the Canton Viaduct was the longest and tallest viaduct structure in the world. History has it that Tsar Nicholas I of Russia delegated two men to draw blueprint diagrams of the viaduct to copy its design for the construction of two similar bridges on the Moscow-Saint Petersburg Railway.

The viaduct has been in use non-stop for the better part of 182 years now. Today, it functions as a carriage for freight and high-speed passenger rail services.

The Canton Corner Historic District is another massive attraction in the town of Canton. The district is included on the National Register of Historic Places. It encompasses over twenty-five properties spanning 250 years of different architectural styles. The David Tilden House built nearly 300 years ago and notable for its Georgian style architecture is located in the district.
The Bessie Estey House situated in the Canton Corner Historic District is a testament to the Craftsman/Bungalow architectural style. The oldest building in the area is the First Congregational Parish church. A Federal period structure, the building features both elements of Greek and Gothic Revival features.

Another exciting attraction in Canton is the Massachusetts Audubon Society's Visual Arts Center. The arts center has an impressive collection of pictures and photographs relating to natural history. It also offers tours that attempt to fuse art and nature. The arts center also houses the Mildred Morse Allen Wildlife Sanctuary.

Lastly, visitors to Canton can also check out the Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate. The main building on the estate, a country house, was built in the early nineteen hundreds. The estate includes lawns, a parterre, a walled garden, ponds and a greenhouse. Today, the Eleanor Cabot Bradley estate is home to a non-profit house museum, more than 60 acres of meadows and woods and approximately 3 miles of walking trails.

Notable Residents

Paul Revere was an American industrialist and silversmith. He gained acclaim far and wide for inventing the first copper rolling mill. Paul Revere was a Patriot in the American Revolution. In addition to his many inventions, he is famous for his midnight ride to alert the militia of the approach of British troops back in 1775.

Paul Vincent Guilfoyle made his name as a part of the regular cast of the police drama series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He played the role of Captain Jim Brass for 14 years between 2000 and 2014.

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