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Home Security in Boxford, MA


Welcome to Alarm New England's business and home security page for Boxford, Massachusetts. This informational page provides important crime data along with additional information for those living in or considering moving to Boxford.

Population: 8,040
Number of Households: 2,752
County: Essex
ZIP Codes: 01835, 01885, 01921, 01983

Boxford Business and Home Security Facts

Based in New England since 1972, we’ve worked in the Boxford area for decades. We know the landscape and we have good relationships with local authorities. Our team of dedicated employees live in the communities we serve. Our customers are our neighbors.

Boxford’s crime rate is significantly lower than the surrounding cities with violent crimes being almost nonexistent in the past ten years according to the FBI crime statistics.

History of Boxford

Boxford is a small town located in northeastern Massachusetts. The area was first settled in 1646 as part of another village, and gained its autonomy in 1685 when 40 families settled in Boxford. As with many early American settlements, farming and craftsmanship made up the majority of occupations. Industries continued to grow and maintain in Boxford from dairy, poultry, wood, sawmills, shoe factories, and textiles with the addition of the railroad in 1854 up until well into the 20th century. However, Boxford was also known for having a match factory as a driving main industry from 1866 to 1905. The match company went under new ownership in 1885 and continued to make matches into the early 1900s.

This small town saw a spike in population in the mid-1800s and a sharp decrease in the early 1900s. Although there was another large growth to the town in the 1950s onward as a result of the newly added Route 95 through Boxford. This new interstate resulted in an increase in development of single family homes in the pastoral Massachusetts countryside.

However pleasant this rural area is, it also has a tie to the Salem Witch Trials. Rebecca Eames was in the crowd during the witch hanging and was accused of bewitching another spectator. She was then arrested and confessed to the devil appearing and then persuading her to follow him. While she was testified against, tried, and convicted along with nine others, she was not executed along with them. She did, however, die in 1721 in Boxford.

Things to See and Do in Boxford

Boxford comes complete with its own vast state forest and nature preserve which has plenty of hiking trails through green dense forests.

Ten minutes outside of Boxford is the Bradley Palmer State Park, which was once the estate to a notable attorney. In Bradley Palmer’s lifetime, his estate was used for horse races, reunions, and business and government meetings. After his death in 1944, he wanted to leave his land “to the people of Massachusetts as a place to enjoy the peace and beauty of river, woods, fields, and hills”. This lovely park has meadows with wild blueberries growing to be picked, the ruins of an old mill, picnicking spaces, trails for hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, and horseback riding. On the water, there’s room for fishing, canoeing, and kayaking.

Since this town is so small, it is one of those rare places that the local spots are just called by the restaurant owners’ name instead of the name of the actual establishment.

Witch Hollow Farm is a recognized “haunted house” due to its connection to Rebecca Eames. In the house on the farm, she claimed in her trial that she became possessed by the devil. The home was built by a distant family relative of hers and can still be seen today.

Notable Residents

A surprising amount of hockey players for the Boston hockey teams have settled in or around the Boxford area; such as Johnny Bucyk, Raymond Bourque, Chris Kreider.

Also due to its position during the American Revolution, this area was home to several colonels.

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