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Home Security in Billerica, MA


Welcome to Alarm New England's business and home security page for Billerica, Massachusetts. This informational page provides important crime data along with additional information for those living in or considering moving to Billerica.

Population: 42,700 (2016)
Number of Households 14,065
County: Middlesex
ZIP Codes: 01821, 01862

Billerica Business and Home Security Facts

Billerica is a small town known for its long history as well as its steadily growing economy. Located along the Route 3, it's a mere half hour drive from downtown Boston. For such a small town, Billerica is home to some of the biggest names in defense industry. Giants such as Raytheon Company, L3 Technologies FLIR Systems all employ a large number of people in Billerica. With that said, this town is home to other tech, pharmacy and research oriented corporations. With an unemployment rates being a full percent below the national average of 5.2% and a steady job market increase, Billerica is attracting more people every year.

Just like most of its neighboring towns, Billerica has never had any heavy history of crime. With two murders in the past 16 years, it is also one of the safest communities in the area. Theft has been a problem back in mid 2000s with 500 reported cases in 2006 alone. The most recent statistic shows that number reduced to 161 for 2016. At the moment, Billerica, MA is safer than 87% of U.S. cities and towns.

Due to its growing economy, real estate in Billerica shows a median home value of $448,931. This makes it one of the more expensive places to live in the state of Massachusetts as well as United States as a whole. With that said, 79.3% of the homes are owned by their residents while only 20.7% are renting. Even though real estate is on the expensive side, the high percentage of homeowners can be explained by the median household income of $100,484.

History of Billerica

Long before it was incorporated in 1655, the area of modern day Billerica was known as Shawshin. It was a town populated by Native Americans who have converted to Christianity as a result of the 1645 "Act for the Propagation of the Gospel amongst the Indians". It wasn't until 1652 that a dozen or so families from nearby settlements moved in after they were granted land. By 1660, the newly incorporated town of Billerica has grown to accommodate 40 families, all of which have left their mark in this town's interesting story.

The name Billerica was given to the town because some of the founding families were originally from Billericay - a town in England's southeast county of Essex. From those early days, Billerica was more or less a peaceful community. So much so that we don't have any records of what role Billerica played during the Revolution. It wasn't until 1950s that Billerica experienced steep population and economic growth which many attribute to the establishment of the U.S. highway system.

Things to See and Do in Billerica

Billerica offers a number of activities to its visitors. Due to its rich history, you will find numerous historical sites in this relatively small town. Places like the Manning Manse will give you a unique insight into Billerica's past. Home of one of the original settles, the Manning Manse is also one of the two 17th century buildings to have survived until today. Billerica Town Common District is another must-visit location for those who appreciate Late Victorian architecture.

Aside from historical sites, Billerica is home to the Manning State Park which allows you to experience the undisturbed nature of Northern Massachusetts with your loved ones. If you then go a few miles southbound on Route 3, you will run into Billerica State Forest while going even further leads you to Vietnam Veterans Park. This area is among the more preserved regions in the vicinity of Boston Metro area.

In terms of restaurants and nightlife, Billerica is home to a variety of cuisine. Those who enjoy a classic Irish style will feel at home in the Emerald Rose.  On the other hand, if you are into Italian cuisine, Mangia Mangia Italian Kitchen - the mom and pop eatery down at 430 Boston Road is bound to have something to fit your taste.

Notable Residents

Up until the 20th century, the most famous person from Billerica was Asa Pollard. He was the first man to fall at the Battle of Bunker Hill during the American Revolutionary War. As the town grew in size, it gave us a number of successful athletes, most of whom were playing hockey and baseball. Some of the names you will see on this list include Gary DiSarcina, who was in the All-Star roster of 1995 and Tom Glavine, who was accepted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. The hockey players worth noting are Tom Fitzgerald, Bob Miller and Paul Miller.

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