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Home Security in New Haven, CT


Welcome to Alarm New England's business and home security page for New Haven, Connecticut This informational page provides important crime data along with additional information for those living in or considering moving to New Haven.

Population: 131,014
County: New Haven
ZIP Codes: 06501, 06502, 06503, 06504, 06505, 06509, 06510, 06511, 06513, 06515, 06519, 06520

New Haven Home Security Facts

The crime rate in New Haven is 54 crimes for every one thousand residents in the town. This rate is one of the highest crime rates in the US when communities of all sizes are considered. The chance of becoming the victim of a crime in New Haven is 1 in 19.

Compared to other towns and cities in Connecticut, the crime rate in New Haven is higher than 100% of the towns and cities in the state. New Haven is therefore one of the top most dangerous cities in the US. The crime rate in New Haven is very high compared to other towns and cities of a similar population size in the US. Only a few communities of a similar size to New Haven in the US have a crime rate as high as New Haven.

The violent crime rate in New Haven is one of the highest in the US for all communities and towns of all sizes. These violent crimes include rape, murder, armed robbery, non-negligent manslaughter and aggravated assault. The likelihood that a person will become the victim of a violent crime in New Haven is 1 in 106. With particular reference to murder, its rate of occurrence in New Haven is higher than in many towns in the US.

Property crimes occur in New Haven at a rate that is quite high. These property crimes include burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft, and arson. The likelihood of becoming the victim of a property crime in the town is 1 in 22, which translates to 45 property crimes for every one thousand residents. Motor vehicle theft occurs in New Haven at a higher rate (1 in 176) than most parts of the US.

History of New Haven

The New Haven area was home to the Quinnipiac native American tribe who lived in villages in the area. The native Americans were fishermen and maize farmers. In April 1638, five hundred Puritans, led by Rev. John Davenport and Theophilus Eaton, sailed to the New Haven harbor and settled in the land.

In 1640, the name of the land was changed from Quinnipiac to Newhaven (the haven meant harbor or port). The area to the north of Newhaven was, however, not renamed, but rather remained known as Quinnipiac till 1678 when its name was changed to Hamden.

New Haven became a part of Connecticut Colony in 1664 when the New Haven Colony and the Connecticut Colony merged. The town became the co-capital of Connecticut in 1701, and remained so till 1873. New Haven became incorporated as a city in 1784. The city was the first planned city in the US.

In the late 1700s, Eli Whitney led the inventions and industrial activity in the city by developing the cotton gin and establishing a gun manufacturing factory in the city. The area where the factory was located is now known as Whitneyville.

In the early 1800s, the Farmington Canal ran from New Haven to Northampton and transported goods into inner parts of Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Between the late 1800s and the early 1900s, James Hillhouse promoted the first public tree planting program that took place in New Haven.

Interesting Facts About New Haven

  • New Haven was named the Best Foodie City in the US in 2014 by Livability.com. The city has 56 Zagat-rated restaurants which is the most in the state of Connecticut, and the third most in New England (only behind Boston and Cambridge). Around the New Haven Green park, there are more than 120 restaurants. The restaurants in the city feature cuisines of various foreign foods, such as Malaysian, Spanish, Mexican, Thai, Chinese etc.
  • New Haven is home to Louis’ Lunch, which is credited as the restaurant where hamburger was invented around 1900.
  • New Haven is also home to Miya’s, which is the first sustainable sushi restaurant in the world. The restaurant, which was founded by Chef Yoshiko Lai in 1982, featured the first invasive species menu in the world.
    Criterion Cinemas is the first new movie theater and the first luxury movie complex in the history of New Haven. It opened in November 2004 and shows commercial films.
  • The Peabody Museum of Natural History is one of the oldest and largest university natural history museums in the world, having being founded in 1866.

Notable Residents

Paul Giamatti, the American actor, comedian and producer, was born in New Haven in June 1967.

Lawrence Henry Summers, the American economist and former Chief Economist of the World Bank, was born in New Haven in November 1954. He served in various capacities under the administration of Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Walter Chauncey Camp, the American football player and coach, known as the Father of American Football, attended Hopkins Grammar School in New Haven.

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