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Home Security in Fairfield, CT


Welcome to Alarm New England's business and home security page for Fairfield, Connecticut. This informational page provides important crime data along with additional information for those living in or considering moving to Fairfield.

Population: 62,105
County: Fairfield
ZIP Codes: 06824, 06825, 06828, 06890

Fairfield Crime Statistics

The town of Fairfield has an overall crime rate (property crime and violent crime) of 17 crimes for every one thousand residents, which makes the rate of crime in the town close to the average for all the cities and towns of all sizes in the US. The chance of becoming a victim of crime in Fairfield is one in 59 and the crime rate in the town is lower than about 27% of the towns and communities in Connecticut.

When compared with other communities and towns of a similar population size in the US, the crime rate in the town of Fairfield is considerably lower than the average in the US. As a result, Fairfield is safer than most of the towns in the US of a similar size.

The rate of occurrence of violent crime in Fairfield is considerably below the average for all the communities and towns of all population sizes in the US. The violent crimes such as rape, assault, murder and armed robbery occur less often in Fairfield than in many parts of the US. The likelihood of becoming a victim of any such violent crimes in Fairfield is 1 in 1609, which translates to a rate of 1 crime for every one thousand inhabitants.

The rate at which property crimes occur in Fairfield is 16 crimes for every one thousand population. As a result, there is an above average chance of becoming a victim of motor vehicle theft, larceny, arson and burglary in Fairfield than in other cities and communities of all population sizes in the US. The likelihood of becoming a victim of any property crime in Fairfield is 1.6% (1 in 61)

History of Fairfield

The Puritans and Congregationalists in Massachusetts established an ecclesiastical society which they governed by their own rules and regulations in 1635. The towns in that society were Windsor, Wethersfield and Hartford and they all settled in the area now known as Connecticut.

The settlers in the area started new towns in the area and in 1639, Roger Ludlowe bought the land that is present-day Fairfield. Ludlowe also named the town Fairfield.

At the beginning of the American Revolutionary War in 1777, the people of Fairfield were more caught up in the war crisis than the other towns in Connecticut. In addition, the people of the town were supporters of independence.

In 1779, Gold Selleck Silliman, the man in charge of defending the coast of Long Island was kidnapped from his home, leading to the invasion of Fairfield Beach coast by about 2000 British troops. The British left the town in ruins and burnt it to the ground. Fairfield slowly recovered from the burning by the British and its houses and public buildings were rebuilt.

World War I led to the development and industrialization of Fairfield and brought an end to the agrarian history of the town. The prosperity which Fairfield experienced lasted through the 1920s and led to almost a tripling of the population from 6,000 people before WWI to 17,000 by 1929.

Interesting Facts About Fairfield

  • The first helicopter hoist rescue in history took place in Fairfield on 29th November, 1945. The helicopter flew from Bridgeport to rescue two crewmen on a barge during a gale on Penfield Reef.
  • The corporate headquarters of General Electric, which is one the largest companies in the world, is located in Fairfield.
  • In the 1950s, the opening of the Connecticut Turnpike led to another wave of development in the town (after the first during WWI). Following this development, the suburban residential character of the town was established.
  • Ten years after the British forces burnt down Fairfield, President George Washington traveled through the town and noted that the evidences of the British action were still visible in the town, with many chimneys of the burnt houses still standing.
  • Fairfield gave rise to many towns that separated from it and got incorporated. Examples include Redding (1767), Weston (1787), Easton (1845), Bridgeport (1821), Westport (1835).
  • In 2014, Money Magazine rated Fairfield as the best place to live in Connecticut and the 44th best place to live in the US.
  • The town of Fairfield has a lot of sites and places listed on the US National Register of Historic Places. Some of these include Connecticut Audubon Society Birdcraft Museum and Sanctuary, Bronson Windmill, David Ogden House, Fairfield Historic District, Fairfield Railroad Stations, Greenfield Hill Historic District, John Osborne House, etc.

Notable Residents

James Riley Blake, the retired professional tennis player, known for his speed and powerful flat forehand, grew up in Fairfield and graduated from Fairfield High School. He won ten singles career titles during his career and retired in 2013.

Oliver Burr Jennings, the American businessman who founded Exxon (Standard Oil), was born in Fairfield in June 1825. He died in New York in 1893.

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