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Welcome to Alarm New England's business and home security page for Westborough, Massachusetts. This informational page provides important crime data along with additional information for those living in or considering moving to Westborough.

Population: 18,371
Number of Households 6,980
County: Worcester
ZIP Codes: 01581

Westborough Business and Home Security Facts

Westborough's crime rate is lower than 75% of the towns and cities in the country. Overall, it has a crime rate of 8 per thousand residents. This crime rate makes Westborough one of the safest towns in the country. Its crime rate is less than that of 58% of other communities in the state of Massachusetts. The chances of falling victim of a property crime in Westborough are 1 in 132. Violent crimes, on the other hand, occur at a rate of 1 per thousand residents.

History of Westborough

Before humans started documenting events, Westborough lands were used extensively by travelers. Back in 7000 B.C., people used canoes to traverse the Assabet River in search of quartzite. Research has also shown that between 1200 to 1600 AD, Indians hunted and fished in Westborough. The Narragansett Trail, the Milk Street trail, and the Old Connecticut Path were all used extensively by the Nipmuc Indians.

English explorer John Oldham was the first to pass through Westborough officially, doing so in 1633. Settlers in search of fertile land stayed in Westborough in 1633. Westborough was incorporated in 1717. At the time, it was the hundredth town incorporated in Massachusetts.

Westborough was not a town heavily invested in farming or fishing. The residents of the city participated in these occupations to get by financially. However, like most towns in Massachusetts, the arrival of the railroad brought a lot of industry to Westborough. Factories making items including boots, textiles, bicycles, straw hats, and sleighs cropped up in Westborough. Westborough began to supplies towns and cities across the nation with milk. Greenhouses shipped out carnations by the droves while eight different orchards in the city shipped out a lot of produce.

Westborough is known as the birthplace of the cotton gin. It was invented by Eli Whitney Jr. He created it after his graduation from Yale, introducing the whole country to the mass production that followed his invention.

Things to See and Do in Westborough

The Assabet River rises in Westborough. Originating in the swamps of Westborough, it flows through towns such as Northborough, Marlborough, Stow, and Concord. Apart from the fact that the banks of the river are a great place to relax, trails surround the Assabet Reservoir. These trails are ideal for group hikes, biking, and other leisurely activities.

Lake Chauncy is also situated in Westborough. The picturesque atmosphere of the lake provides the perfect backdrop for a beautiful family picnic. Visitors to the lake can also relax and play on the beach, toss frisbees, swim, and dive. Best of all, the water undergoes weekly testing by the Health Board. There are also lifeguards on duty at Lake Chauncy.

The very first reform school in the country is located in Westborough. Lyman School for Boys was established in 1886. Later closed in 1971, it was named after Theodore Lyman, a former Mayor of Boston. The school is a designated National Historic Place.

The Westborough Country Club is a leisurely 9-hole, par 36, golf club. The club offers relaxation and friendly competition in the most relaxing of atmospheres. Amenities such as swimming pools and tennis courts are present on the grounds of the club.

Notable Residents

Eli Whitney Sr., an American inventor, was born in Westborough. He is notable for his invention of the mortise lock. He also earned a place in the National Inventors Hall of Fame for his stone crushing machine. His son Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin, an invention that shaped the economy of the south.

Ralph Dawson, an American film editor, was born in Westborough. He won the Academy Award for Best Film Editing three different times during his lifetime.

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