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Welcome to Alarm New England's business and home security page for Wayland, Massachusetts. This informational page provides important crime data along with additional information for those living in or considering moving to Wayland.

Population: 13,166
Number of Households: 5,084
County: Middlesex
ZIP Codes: 01778

Wayland Business and Home Security Facts

Wayland is one of the safest towns in Massachusetts. The Middlesex county town is safer than 98% of cities in the United States. Wayland had a combined total of 13 incidences for violent and property crimes last year. In Wayland, there is a 1 in 2,765 chance of being a victim of a violent crime.

History of Wayland

An ancient town, Wayland was settled back in 1638. This historic town was the very first settlement of Sudbury Land. Formerly named East Sudbury, Wayland was settled on untouched land east of the famous Sudbury river. About two hundred years after its initial settlement, East Sudbury was renamed, Wayland. Legend has it that this was done in honor of Dr. Francis Wayland who was a benefactor of the town's landmark library.

Sitting on fertile land east of the Sudbury River, Wayland has the unique distinction of being a farming community. Over the course of the twentieth century, dairies and farms cropped up in Wayland. Wayland has the reputation of being a countryside hub where one can obtain fresh farm products. In fact, Bay Valley Foods which is a significant company in Wayland started decades ago by purchasing raw milk from local dairies in Wayland and condensing it for sale.

Things to See and Do in Wayland

Wayland is home to the very first public library in the state of Massachusetts. The Wayland Free public library was built in 1848 on the back of Dr. Francis Wayland's $500 donation. The current library is housed in a building that was renovated in 1900; it has thousands of volumes and books available for perusal.

The long summer months in Wayland are made fun by the presence of the Wayland Town Beach. A favorite among young adults and teenagers, the Wayland Town Beach affords users the opportunity to take part in activities such as sailing, swimming, kayaking, and diving. Wayland is a dignified town, and it has facilities for the gentleman's sport - golf. The Wayland Country club and the Sandy Burr Country club are two of the most popular golfing locations in the city.

The Hayward Brook Farm is one of Wayland's natural attractions. The training barn is home to 17 acres of grass, a pond, numerous riding trails and an excellent collection of horses. Another natural delight in Wayland is the Sudbury Valley Trustees Protect - a conservation center with acres of lush vegetation. The trust was created back in 1953 when citizens became concerned about development tuning rural areas of their town. The Sudbury Valley Trustees Protect is a beautiful site to enjoy a hike and see some animal life.

Notable Residents

Amar Bose was a pioneer and the founder of Bose Corporations. Today, Bose Corporations is one of the biggest retailers of high-quality sound systems in the world. Cinematic director David Blair was born in Wayland. Moving further into Hollywood, actress Taylor Schilling, who is a star of the drama-comedy television series "Orange is Black", is another notable Wayland citizen.

Wayland also has its fair share of athletes. NBA Second-team All-American, Jae Crowder, who currently plies his trade with the Utah Jazz is a Waylander. Ricky Davis is another NBA star from Wayland. Thomas Kiefer who rowed for the US contingent to the 1984 summer Olympics is also a famous Waylander.

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