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Welcome to Alarm New England's business and home security page for Tewksbury, Massachusetts. This informational page provides important crime data along with additional information for those living in or considering moving to Tewksbury.

Population: 29,429
Number of Households 10,907
County: Middlesex
ZIP Codes: 01852, 01862, 01876

Tewksbury Business and Home Security Facts

The rate of crime in Tewksbury is 12 crimes per one thousand residents, which represents a percentage of 1.2%. This makes the crime rate in Tewksbury near the average for all the towns and cities of all population in the US. The chance of becoming the victim of a crime in Tewksbury is 1 out of 84 which is about lower than about 40% of the communities in Massachusetts.

When compared with other towns with a similar population size, the rate of crime in Tewksbury is considerably lower than the average, meaning that Tewksbury is safer than other communities.

The rate of violent crime in Tewksbury is higher than most communities in the US, irrespective of the size of their population. A person has a 0.2% (1 out of 491) chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime (such as rape, murder aggravated assault or armed robbery). That is equivalent to two people out of one thousand residents.

The rate of property crimes in Tewksbury is below the average obtainable in the cities and towns in the US. The probability is one out of 101, equivalent to a 1% chance of becoming a victim of a crime such as larceny, arson, motor vehicle theft, or burglary.

History of Tewksbury

Tewksbury, a town named after Tewkesbury, England was first settled in 1637. Officially, it was incorporated in 1734 from Billerica. The relationship between Tewksbury, Massachusetts and Tewkesbury, England was strong and both towns maintained the connection through a committee referred to as “the twinning committee”.

In the early times, the Shawshin tribe settled around the Shawsheen River in Tewksbury because it allowed them access to fish from the river as food.

In July 1857, Tewksbury experienced a powerful tornado which swept through the entire town. The tornado began at a small water fountain called Round Pond and went all the way to Shawsheen River before dissipating at North Wilmington. The tornado left damaged cornfields and orchards in its wake as well as a roofless house. Barns and sheds were flattened, large trees were uprooted and teams of oxen were either killed or swept away. However, there were no casualties from the tornado. This was helped by the fact that the population of the town was small and the homes were located above the valley floor. A few people were however injured.

Interesting Facts About Tewksbury

Tewksbury was visited by President Andrew Johnson, the 17th President of the US. The President, on his visit, stopped at the local watering hole called Brown’s Tavern.

The Tew-Mac Airport, which opened in 1951, was located in Tewksbury. The airport was closed in 1997 and was replaced with a golf course country club and condos.

At Tewksbury, locals and tourists can visit Escapology Tewksbury to experience Tewksbury's first real life escape game. The game is played by a team of three to eight players who search for clues, solve puzzles and open locks so as to escape to freedom, all within an hour.

The Public Health Museum in Tewksbury is a place to visit in the town. Once an almshouse, the museum oozes history. The exhibits in the museum are very informative and educates the visitors on public health issues of the last century such as how the fight against polio was like.

The Haggetts Pond is a wide and peaceful trail that is located within a pine forest. The pond is largely undeveloped and allows for easy, level walks. Other smaller trails also occur which run off at different locations.

Wamesit Lanes is a great spot for relaxation, fun and games, particularly bowling. Foods and drinks are also available, as well as a golf simulator and bar. It’s an amazing place to enjoy activities such as birthday parties and ceremonies.

Notable Residents

The famous sculptor and designer of the Presidential and Olympic medal (Miko Kaufman) lived in Tewksbury. He received the Saultus Award in 1992. The works of Miko are on display throughout the US and Europe. Some of his works are also in Tewksbury and Lowell. He died in 2016.

The last surviving general in the American Civil War, Adelbert Ames lived in Tewksbury and died in 1933. He received the Medal of Honor.

John James Nazarian, the American security expert and private investigator, was born in Tewksbury in July 1952. He is a celebrity guest commentator on crime-related TV programmes, as well as divorce-related programmes.

Johanna Mansfield Sullivan Macy (Anne Sullivan), the lifelong companion and instructor of Helen Keller spent some of her childhood years in Tewksbury in an almshouse (now Tewksbury Hospital). She was born in 1866.

Paul Harold Sullivan, the famous radio-talk show host, popular for his blue-collar politics, spent the most part of his life in Tewksbury. He was born in May 1957 and died in September 2007.

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