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Professional Installation

Our team is ready to help. We'll set it up and get you acquainted with your new security system.


Have a large property or need a more complex system? We've got you covered. 


Save time and effort by letting an expert set things up for you.


Relax knowing that your system is being installed by a licensed technician.


Free lifetime telephone support.

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How our Professional Installation Works

From 1-bedroom condos to large homes, retail stores to restaurants,
our professional technicians will set up your system for you.

Step 1: Trust your installation to us.

Want reassurance that your system is set up and working properly?

Our technicians are trained, certified, and employees of Alarm New England.


Step 2: We install your security essentials.

The control panel is the main brain of your system, so that's where we'll start. Once that's up and running, we place your sensors in the optimal locations.

Our professional installers will take care to make sure that the few items that need to be connected to an external power source — like security cameras — will be securely mounted with wires minimized or hidden.


Step 3: Connect

We'll link your security system up to your smartphone via the Total Connect 2.0 app.

With Total Connect 2.0, you’ll be able to control your system from anywhere. We’ll even introduce you to some of the more advanced features.

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Step 4: Test

We'll ensure your system is working properly, then link it up to our central station!

Customer Stories

97% of customers say they would recommend Alarm New England products and services to others.

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"Everyone there was professional, courteous, and punctual. Alexandra and Dorothy were a pleasure to work with on the sales side and really had a good handle on available equipment and tailoring a system that met our needs.

The installers/service techs were timely and professional, and Connie was amazing on the tech support/training side. This company genuinely cares about their customers and supports them through every stage of the process."

Chris b alarm new england review

Christopher B.
Customer for 14 months

“From our initial contact with Alexandra to our installers, Chris and Igor, to our training today with Connie, everyone and everything was outstanding!

Alexandra is extremely knowledgeable and was so helpful in designing our system to ensure we had the proper coverage.

Chris and Igor were very professional and did a great job installing our system and explaining how to operate it. They answered all our questions and made sure we understood how the system worked.”

Bill and Elisa N.
Customer for 15 months

“We wanted to upgrade our alarm system with an app.
From the first call, everyone was very professional and very helpful. From Dorothy the sales person to Charlie the installer and Connie the IT person, they were the best!

They made sure all our questions were answered. We found them friendly and very honest. Never felt like anyone was trying to upsell us with anything. ”

Nancy B.
Customer for 40 years

“Alexandra took my call and helped me set up a system for my home. I never felt like she was being pushy and just trying to sell me something.

After we planned the system, Sean arrived in a timely manner for the installation. He took his time to make sure everything was perfect.

Finally, Connie walked me thru the systems settings, using the app, and the cameras. Connie went above and beyond. She even stayed late one evening to make sure that all of my questions were answered and that I was pleased with everything.”

Dan C.
Customer for 14 months

“Alexandra and the Alarm New England team have provided us with top-notch customer service. Between pre-install conversations and post-install responses to various questions, it has really been an incredible experience.

The install technician was also phenomenal and facilitated a great system for the house. Would use them again in a heart-beat.”

Amanda F.
Customer for 22 months

How do you want to install your system?

Whether you go DIY or pro, you're in the safest of hands.

DIY Installation

Affordable, easy, and backed by our stellar customer support team.
Install your security system yourself – at no cost.
  • No technician
  • No installation fees
  • FREE Lifetime Platinum Support over phone and video chat
Customize your system
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Free Lifetime Telephone Support


Our mission at Alarm New England is not only to ensure you receive professional-grade products and a smooth installation experience, but also to make sure you get many years out of your new purchase. 


Need help? We're happy to walk you through the DIY installation process over the phone.

If you need an on-site visit, our professional technicians can head out to you for a small fee.


You don't have to wait until after you put up your system to ask for help; just call us when you receive your system and we'll walk you through the installation process step by step via video chat or phone.


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