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Industry Leading Sensors

Sophisticated, technology-based development and assessment processes drive Honeywell's sensors to exceed industry standards for quality performance.

  • Door and Window Sensor
    Next-gen sensor capabilities. SiX Two-Way Wireless Technology. Sleek, unassuming device blends with any décor. Tamper proof. Five year battery life.
  • Wireless Motion Sensor
    High-performance, easy-to-install. Sleek, compact design. Installation is easy, with no jumpers, switches or disassembly. Custom sensitivity and temperature sensing.
  • Wireless Temperature Sensor
    Perform flood and temp sensing simultaneously. Easy installation. Prevent high-cost damages. 24/7 monitoring from our central station.
  • Glassbreak Detector
    Triggers an alarm upon sound of breaking glass. Superb catch detection and false alarm immunity. Simple installation, easy maintenance. Boasting a 300-foot transmission range, with a 25-foot detection pattern.