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Do-It-Yourself and Save 


Customized for your home and easy to set up right out of the box.


We'll even walk you through the process over the phone.


DIY installation is 100% free.


Free lifetime technical support.

How our DIY Installation Works

From 1-bedroom condos to multi-bedroom homes, retail stores to restaurants,
setting up a wireless security system for your home or small business couldn't be easier.

We’ll help you design the system over the phone that is right for you.
All of the equipment is pre-programmed before we ship it to you to make setup a breeze.

Step 1: Call Us

Our expert technicians will be on the phone with you to walk you through the process step-by-step, we're happy to help you over FaceTime or over the phone.



Step 2: Install Control Panel & Sensors

The control panel is the main brain of your system.

Attach the stand and plug the panel into a electrical socket located near your main entrance to the home or business.

Then, unpack your window/door contacts, motion detectors, and any other sensors and place them according to the blueprint that we created with you.

Simply peel the double-sided tape and affix according to the included instructions.


Step 3: Connect

Download the Total Connect 2.0 app to your smart device and register your account.

The app lets you control your system from anywhere, anytime.


Step 4: Test

Contact us to set up an appointment to test your equipment.

We'll ensure it's working properly then take the system live!

Customer Stories

97% of customers say they would recommend Alarm New England products and services to others.

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"The DIY model that Alarm New England has put together will enable anyone that has the ability to peel the cover off of two sided tape and plug a power cord in an outlet to become an alarm installer. It is really that easy!"

Michael M alarm new england review

Michael M.
Recent Customer

“Once the system components were selected, Connie was awesome in getting it configured and she answered any questions I had.

I really like that self install is an option, that allowed me to install the system around my schedule which was great!”

 Vito P review

Vito P.
Customer for 13 months

“I was blown away at the kindness and helpfulness of their customer service!

Super easy to sign up and
the self install was a snap!”

Stefanie G review

Stefanie G.
Customer for 14 months

“I chose to do the "self install" of my system. When it arrived, I opened the box and it was ready to go. Sensors were labeled and it was pretty much plug and play from there.

Everything arrived quickly and was configured to work properly with our home with ZERO issues.”

Steven S.

Steven S.
Customer for 17 months

“John our tech that came was on time, efficient and smart he worked clean. He doubled checked all the windows and doors. He made sure we totally understood the entire system before he would leave.

I have lived in 3 states and 3 different alarm systems, not one of those techs had the command for their system as John has.”
Melissa R

Melissa R.
Customer for 5 months

How do you want to install your system?

Try out our “Customize your System” tool to get introduced to the advanced features of the Honeywell security system.

Professional Installation

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Busy schedule? Our fleet of expert installation technicians can install your custom-designed system for you.
  • Full-time, experienced technicians (no outside contractors!)
  • Licensed and background-checked security system experts
  • FREE Lifetime Platinum Support over phone and video chat
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Free Lifetime Telephone Support


Our mission at Alarm New England is not only to ensure you receive professional-grade products and a smooth installation experience, but also to make sure you get many years out of your new purchase. 


Need help? We're happy to walk you through the DIY installation process over the phone. 

If you need an on-site visit, our professional technicians head out to you for a small fee.


You don't have to wait until after you put up your system to ask for help; just call us when you receive your system and we'll walk you through the installation process step by step via video chat or phone.


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