Wifi Nanny Cam Brings Justice to Child Abuser

August 30, 2017

Babysitters and nannies are incredibly important to the function of a household. In many cases, the
childcare provider becomes a part of the family. As a parent, you have to know you can trust the person
who is watching your child.

Wifi Nanny Cam Child Pic

A recent story reported by News Times confirms a parent’s worst fear. Authorities have said video from
a wireless nanny cam showed a Danbury, Connecticut nanny holding a 3-year- old’s hands and legs to a hot stove, slapping her and dragging her around by their hair. She was watching a toddler and an infant and tortured both of the children for long periods.

Thankfully, the family had installed a wifi nanny cam, which allowed them to stop the woman’s abuse before the children experienced irreparable harm or tragedy. The wifi nanny camera also gave the justice department the evidence needed to convict the abuser.

Installing and operating a wifi nanny cam is easier than it ever has been before. With the newest and most efficient DIY home alarm system from Alarm New England, you can position the cameras in places you need to be able to view to protect your child while a nanny or family member is watching them.

The new Honeywell security cameras are equipped with amazing features that can help protect your family. These nanny cams give you access to full color vision, which can give you quality as sharp as 30 frames-per-second- a very clear picture. You will be able to view live, streaming video on your
smartphone or tablet from wherever you are. You can also get alerts if there is motion or suspicious
activity in your home.

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