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Why Even the Police Need Alarm Monitoring Services 

December 12, 2016

security monitoring
Do you ever feel it? The sense that sometimes you feel unsafe in your own home? One police officer says, "you’re not alone."

KWTV in Edmond, Oklahoma recently reported that police are trying to find two men who broke into the home of an Oklahoma City Police officer. That’s right, the home of one our sworn protectors.

Police say the thieves took the officer's gun, police shirts, and several other police-issued items. This wasn't a crime of opportunity; these burglars had clearly cased his house with the intention of using the stolen items to impersonate a police officer.

The officer was able to watch the crime unfold on his phone after receiving an alert from his home security system. This surveillance video is from the officer's home security camera that he had hidden in the living room. It shows one of the thieves rummaging around the living room, while the other hit the bedrooms.

It's hard to image the police officer's emotions as he watched this unfold right in front of his eyes. Top security companies will always recommend home alarm monitoring services in addition to self managed video.

The thieves invaded the home by kicking in a side garage door and then proceeded to dump out dresser drawers in every bedroom including the children's rooms, and even used the family's laundry basket to carry the stolen items.

Police in both Edmond and Oklahoma City are now hoping someone recognizes the man caught on tape committing the crime and turns him in, since they were able to slip out of the home before police arrived. Without a security monitoring service, there was no one to call the police. 

When even police officers are not exempt from home invasion, how should you protect you and your family?

You don't have to helplessly watching as a thief terrorizes your home. Get a step ahead of burglars by protecting your home with a wireless security system, security cameras, and glass break sensors partnered with security door contacts. 

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Our easy-to-install, do-it-yourself, wireless security systems are custom designed to fit your individual needs. Select only the equipment and service you want. All at your own convenience—at a price that will surprise you. 

Lastly, every system includes intrusion and environmental hazards as well as smart home functionality: cameras, door locks, thermostats and lights. All managed remotely from your smart phone and supported by the company homeowners and businesses have trusted for over 40 years.

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