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Who Are The Top Security Companies In The Nation?

Alexandra Curtiss
April 01, 2017

Did you know that there are about 15,000 alarm companies currently operating in the United States?

These American alarm companies can range in size from two-man local security companies all the way up to massive operations that field 500,000 phone calls per day and service 7.4 million customers.

All alarm companies have their pluses and minuses and knowing which technology and company are right for you can feel overwhelming.

Top Security Companies

A little research can save you a ton of headache down the road. A great place to start is with the annual SDM Top 100 Rankings. See the 2016 results here. What can you expect with us?

Here's what you can expect with Alarm New England (all for the same price or less than the big national brands):

  • Award-winning Honeywell security products & equipment (CES 2016 Editor's Choice Award)
  • Honest, competitive and customized pricing starting at about $1/day
  • Our 24/7 home security operators are FEMA-Certified and trained in the same coding systems used by emergency professionals
  • 27,000+ customers • 45+ years of security industry expertise
  • Our 40 licensed technicians are full-time employees who have been expertly trained and background screened
  • Affordable professional installation or save money with simple Do-It-Yourself® (DIY) Setup

All top security companies are different. We would love to tell you a bit more about your options and thank you so much for reading our home security blog! 

Download the Ultimate Guide to Home Security and learn:

  • Top 5 misconceptions about home security
  • How to assess vulnerabilities in your home
  • Why home security is about more than preventing burglaries
  • Cutting-edge security equipment: how home security has changed
  • Monitored vs. Self-Monitored Systems
  • Local vs. National Security Companies

... and more!

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