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Top 5 Total Connect 2.0 App Features

9 May 2019

One of the features of our DIY home automation system that customers love most is the ability to manage their systems from anywhere in the world through their smartphone. The Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 web and mobile app is user-friendly and reliable.

As we always want to make sure customers are getting the most out of our products, we have compiled the top 5 features in the Total Connect 2.0 app.

1. Scenes

total connect 2.0 automation scenes

Home automation is another great feature that is available through the Total Connect service. If you have automation hardware (lights, locks, thermostat control and cameras) you will be able to setup different scenes.

When triggered, these scenes set off a series of simultanous actions across the various devices on your system. With smart scenes you can tell your living room light to turn on at 6:00 am weekdays because you know you and the family will be up shortly after that. Then, knowing that you are all out of the house by 7:30am, you can tell your living room light to shut off 7:35am if it was left on by accident to help with the electric bill.

No one likes coming home to a cold house. With our CT-32 Thermostat, you can set up a scene so that the thermostat will turn the heat up 30 minutes before you come home, and have the front door lights turn on 5 minutes before you arrive.

With DIY home automation and its smart scene features, the only limit is your imagination. 

2. User Code Management

total connect 2.0 user management

This feature allows you to add or delete user codes remotely through the Total Connect website or the Total Connect app on an iOS or Android device. Quickly set up a new user by assigning a first and last name and a 4 digit code.

Even cooler - you can set up arm/disarm notifications to see when the user is turning your system on and off. Push notifications, texts or e-mails will inform you who has come and gone from your house or business, even when you're not there.

Parents can feel reassured knowing when your child gets home after school, and business owners can always stay on top of who's coming in or out of the business.

3. Video Event Capture

 total connect 2.0 video event capture

With the video event capture functionality, you can set up various situations for when and where you want a camera to capture footage.

Let's say you have a camera near the front door of your house and you want to get a picture every time someone steps onto your front deck. 

Here's what you do:

Go into your camera settings, set up the detection area, and then the event notification. Boom. Done.

Now you’ll get a notification when your Amazon package has been dropped off or when someone is at your front door late at night. Also, with the video event capture, you can set it up so that all the cameras take a small video clip or picture when the system is disarmed, armed, or goes off.

4. Events and Notifications

total connect 2.0 events and notifications

Events and Notifications are a huge convenience especially when you have various users under your Total Connect 2.0 account, becausee it lets you pick and choose who gets what notifications.

You can activate notifications for actions from other members of your Total Connect account, such as who turned off the alarm. You can also limit the notifications that other users receive if you only want to give them certain insights into your system operation. 

5. Arming and Disarming

total connect 2.0 disarm

Coupled with automation and video, this feature can be used in a few different ways. Instead of having copies of your home keys floating around, here's all you have to do when your plumber is coming over:

  • Ask him give you a call when he arrives 
  • When he does, use your Total Connect 2.0 app to unlock the front door and disarm the system
  • Combine the door lock and security with the video on your system to check in on his progress
  • Have him call you when he's finished so you can lock the front door, arm the system, and have some peace of mind that your house is still protected while you're away.

Please call our customer service if you would like to learn how to set up any of the above great features on your DIY home automation system.

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