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Family Catches Package Thief with the SkyBell Video Doorbell

December 06, 2017

With the increased ease of online shopping, many of us ordering necessities and gifts from the comfort of our couch. It is nice to avoid the long lines and traffic. However, the increase in package deliveries has also resulted in increased package theft.

In 2016, August Home conducted a study on package theft, which revealed that 11 Million U.S. homeowners had a package stolen that year. The majority of packages had been stolen while no one was home and the average cost to replace the items stolen was $200.

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Package theif caught with rhe SkyBell HD Video Doorbellsource: oregon live

Recently, in Everett, Washington, nanny Kate Anderson caught a package thief in the act, chased after and apprehended her, and the video is now going viral. A doorbell camera caught the footage as the thief walked to the front door, grabbed a package and ran to escape. Kate ran after her as the accomplice in a car drove away, leaving the thief to face this brave nanny and then the police minutes later. "It was very intense,” said the nanny, who was at the home watching a 1-year-old baby when the theft happened. "If someone is doing something wrong, I'm not afraid to put them in check.”

The homeowners installed the doorbell camera just a few weeks before this incident but said they never expected to catch criminals in the act.

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A camera like the SkyBell HD Video Doorbell can help you reduce package theft and ensure you always know who is at your door, whether you are home or not. Here are four ways SkyBell HD Video Doorbell can help give you peace of mind:

  • Motion recorded video clips which help secure the front of your home
  • Live video and two-way audio
  • DIY installation allows you to start protecting your home in no time
  • Smartphone notifications when someone is at your front door, which enables you to engage in a two-way conversation, from anywhere in the world

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