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SDM Magazine Publishes The 2017 Top Security Companies In The Nation

Alexandra Curtiss
May 18, 2017

SDM Magazine published its annual report listing the top security companies in the nation last week. The SDM Top 100 ranks the highest performing organizations in our space out of a field of about 15,000 security firms. We are proud to have moved up this year to number 39

 top security companies

We are excited to be a leader in a thriving industry. Analysis on the data finds "The result of the 2017 SDM 100 was upbeat: Collectively, the industry’s 100 largest security dealers grew their recurring monthly revenue (RMR) 18.4 percent, from $612 million to $725 million, last year."

The report stack ranks the top security companies by 3 key metrics:

  • Monthly recurring revenue
  • RMR increase or decrease over prior year
  • Subscribers (27,221)

Another metric they look at is the total number of total residential subscribers. Here we rank even higher in the 32nd slot with 10,833 customers.

We appreciated the recognition for the successful launch of our DIY model in the detailed notes of the report. The future looks bright as we move towards the back of the year and we look forward to continued growth. 

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