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What Is RF Jamming and Why do DIY Security Systems Need It?

15 Aug 2018
Derek Crippin

We live in a digital world and manage our lives through the internet, our cell phones, and via email. Every day, we leave ourselves vulnerable to attacks on our credit cards, personal information, bank account info, etc., and have to be diligent about digital security to ensure safety.

Don't let the signal get intercepted - the best DIY home security systems have RF jamming

  Your smart home security system is no different. DIY or professionally installed, unless you have the proper technology, you leave yourself open to potential attacks. Accordingly, a key component of the best DIY home security systems is a little thing called “RF Jam Detection.”

What is RF jamming? To put it simply: any and all wireless devices communicate on a specific radio frequency. If that radio frequency (RF) starts to get overwhelmed or gets overpowered by stronger signals on the same frequency, that's called jamming.

For a simple comparison, if you want to ‘jam’ a conversation between two friends, all you need to do is yell in one of their ears to ‘jam’ the conversation. Wireless jamming requires two things: a tech savvy criminal who knows what frequency your smart security system operates on and the correct equipment to jam that specific frequency.

The reality is that the odds of a criminal jamming your smart security system are so small that the FBI doesn't even publish those statistics. Furthermore, according to the FBI, 2/3 of most home break-ins are through brute force like a kicked in door or smashed window. 

Even though the chances of this type of attack are currently fairly small, we do know that intruders are becoming more tech savvy every day. We will always take every step possible to protect you, your family, or your business from all forms of intrusions. Every smart DIY security system we send out automatically has Honeywell RF jam detection enabled. If anything or anyone tries to jam your wireless devices, the keypad will display a trouble signal and our UL listed central station will receive a signal, as well.

DIY home security systems all must include RF jamming detection as a baseline feature.

If it is of good quality, you will own your security system for many years. You do not want to get stuck with something that leaves you vulnerable against increasingly tech savvy intruders a few years down the road.

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