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Top 10 Safest Neighborhoods in Boston

16 Aug 2018
Just got a new job in Boston? Want to be closer to the Celtics or Bruins? Maybe something happened where you live now and want to move somewhere safer. Whatever your reason might be, residential security and keeping your family safe, will always be a major concern no matter where you are.

Boston is a bustling city that combines history with cosmopolitanism to create a lively urban culture, and as a major job center it attracts people from all over the Northeast for work. This influx, combined with its high concentration of universities, has brought with it significant demand for housing.

If you are considering relocating to some of the areas of Boston with the least crime according to data from the Boston Police Department, then this list of the 10 safest neighborhoods in the city is for you:

#1: West Roxbury

With its clean, verdant parks, single-family homes, and quiet nights, West Roxbury not only looks but also feels like a suburb, despite its prime location near the heart of the city. In this neighborhood, there is a popular gourmet grocery store called Greek International Food Market and the highly-recommended Sofia Italian Steakhouse.

Maybe what makes West Roxbury popular with families with children, mature professionals and retirees, is its crime rate which is only 1.9%. Plus it’s about a 30-minute shuttle into the center of the city.

#2: Charlestown

If you have seen The Departed, then you likely have a Hollywood-inspired image in your head about Charlestown being a major crime center. In reality, that’s far from the truth; Charlestown is one of the safest neighborhoods in Boston with a crime rating of just 2.14%.

Charlestown is not only for young professionals looking for more affordable housing but also for people who want to experience the historic waterfront neighborhood with Irish-American roots.

#3: Jamaica Plain

With a 16% drop in crime in 2016, Jamaica Plain is considered one of the safest places to live in Boston. It also best embodies the spirit of America in that it holds the most ethnic and income-diverse residents in all of Boston.

Despite the rise in the cost of real estate, the takeover of better eating establishments shows that there is a continuous and welcome change in the community. What’s most important is that the ties shared by families and loved ones remain on its grounds.

#4: East Boston

Nicknamed Eastie by its beloved residents, East Boston has a little over 40,000 diverse residents and has seen a lot of transformation especially in the areas around the Maverick T stop.  One of the most significant issues the neighborhood has faced in the past is its history of crime.

However, they have successfully reduced the crime statistics to 1.29% which is a 16% decrease from the rate in 2016. What’s more, East Boston brands itself as a neighborhood that’s welcoming to members of every race, culture, family size, and sexual orientation.

#5: Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a neighborhood in Boston that is known for being low-crime, and for good reason. But what makes people love this town is the fact that it is well-maintained with dashes of green on every corner, offering a respite from the concrete (and brick!) jungle of downtown. Despite the 6% increase in crime in 2016, Hyde Park is still one of the least dangerous places in Boston.

#6: Dorchester

Dorchester is another part of Boston that has become an amalgam of cultures from Irish-Americans and African Americans to Latinos and a distinctive LGBTQ+ community.

The town is known for its close proximity to Boston harbor and a number of popular green areas and parks courtesy of father of American landscape architecture Frederick Law Olmsted. If you plan to visit or relocate, there are sites like The James Blake House (Oldest House in Boston), Franklin Park Zoo, Dorchester Park, and Franklin Park to get in some bonding time with your family and loved ones.

#7: Allston/Brighton

Allston/Brighton is one of the closest towns to Harvard University and known for having a great selection of ethnic restaurants that are of comparable or superior quality to their competitors downtown for a much lower price.

No matter where you turn, you’ll have no trouble spotting college kids from Harvard, MIT, BU, and Northeastern walking the streets or sipping artisanal beverages in the numerous coffee shops and bars. With regards to safety, in 2017 there were 904 total crimes that took place in a population of 45,801 people, which is a 2% increase from 2016.

#8: Mission Hill

Mission Hill is a diverse neighborhood that has seen a recent upsurge in new condos and brick row houses, which is surrounded by Fenway/Kenmore, Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, and Brookline. Mission Hill is cheap and offers something for everybody’s taste.

In addition, this is one of many areas that the Boston Police Department is delegating a lot of their resources to keeping safe. As of 2016, only 1,950 total crimes were reported over a population of 64,759.

#9: South Boston

South Boston, most popularly known as Southie, was once predominately a working-class Irish Catholic community, but these days, it has become a hot spot for young professionals looking for a swanky new pad only minutes away from their office or a short jaunt on the MBTA.

South Boston comprises Dorchester Heights – where George Washington forced British troops to vacate during the American Revolutionary War. With the area becoming increasingly gentrified, crime rates have also declined to the point where it is now one of Boston’s safer places to live.

#10: Back Bay

Back Bay is more or less in the heart of Boston and only a short ride on the Green Line trolleys away from just about everything (assuming the Green Line isn’t experiencing “major delays”).

It is also home to some of the most beautiful real estate in town with many brownstones dating back to centuries ago. If you’ve got something you want to buy, chances are you can find a store that strikes your fancy here. For a more relaxing day, check out Boston Public Library and flip through its massive collection of books or take a stroll through the Public Garden. As for safety, only 2,675 total crimes were reported in 2017 over a population of 76,461 people, a 16% decrease from 2016.

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