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Pet Immune Motion: Key Component Of The Best DIY Home Security Systems

Derek Crippin
March 28, 2016

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about How To Install Your Honeywell Motion Detector. In it, I went into some detail there about how motion detectors itself work, installation best practices and the range of coverage that one single motion detector provides. Hopefully this helped you to understand how to leverage the technology to provide large area interior coverage for your property. 

Best DIY Home Security  

Until recently, this cost effective technology was out of the question if you had pets. Motion detectors use passive infrared technology to sense any movement in a room.

When Fido jumps up to check if that noise is the mailman or your car coming home from work, your alarm would go off.  

Prior to the creation of Pet Immune motion detectors, the only solution for security companies was to mount the motion detector upside down to prevent a jumping cat or dog from setting it off. This resulted in a lot of false alarms. 

With the advent of pet immune motion detectors, motion detectors can finally be part of all the best diy home security systems. Be sure to ask specifically about this technology however because some companies will lead with traditional motions because they are cheaper to sell. Some sell motions that only cover pets up to 40 pounds. 

We offer two different types of pet immune motion detectors. One style we offer is for smaller pets which is immune to pets under 80lbs and we also offer a 100lb pet immune motion detector for bigger dogs and perhaps a miniature horse.

With a traditional motion detector, when your pet enters the coverage area, a sensor is tripped and causes a false alarm. Pet immune motion detectors ignore the motion caused by animals and thus reduce the likelihood of a false alarm.

Surveys have shown that people with pets more often than not do not set or utilize their smart home security system fearing their pet will activate too many false alarms. This makes sense as false alarms can result in fines or eventual placement on a "do not respond" list by authorities.

Not setting your home's alarm weakens your family's defense against criminals and break-in attempts. It also burns the money you pay for monthly monitoring. An essential component of your home's security system, pet immune motion detectors allow you to set your home's alarm with confidence and keep your pet safe while they are home alone.

During our customer design process, we take the time to ask these questions in regards to whether or not there are pets present at the house. We take the time to set up a unique and fully custom best DIY home security system taking every little thing into consideration. Pet’s are part of the family and should be treated as such. We want to make sure that they too are protected along with your home or business.

Feel free to contact our sales to start designing a system or take a look at some of our blogs to get a better idea of the products and support we offer to our 27,000+ New England customers. 

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