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How Our Alarm Monitoring Services Helped 3 of Our Customers This Week

June 01, 2017

As operators of one of New England's major alarm monitoring services for 45 years, we've seen our fair share of apprehensions.

It is our favorite part of what we do - stopping the bad guys and getting our customers the medical attention they need. 
In order to be one of the top security companies our central station operations must be top notch. 

Security Monitoring By A Top Security Company

In one short week, our home alarm monitoring saved the day for our customers not once but three times: 

1. Medical Help Needed: At 2:48 pm on Saturday, May 27th, Emma-Lee received a medical call for aid alarm signal. Thanks to her fast response, Emma-Lee got our customer to the Hospital Of Central Connecticut immediately.

Our best-in-class alarm monitoring of medical panic buttons keeps our customers safe inside the home as much as our security systems keep the bad guys out. 

2. Keeping Schools Safe: At 6:25 pm On Sunday, May 28th, multiple audio signals were received by Taylor from one of the many schools we provide security monitoring for. Taylor immediately notified the first person in the alert action pattern and was told to dispatch.

Two male teens were apprehended on the scene. Police and K-9 units then swept the school for explosive devices before clearing the site. Video will be reviewed to ensure there was not a back pack left behind. 

3. Vroom, Vroom: At 2:08 am on Wednesday, May 24th, Frank received a live video signal with audio from a motorcycle dealer in CT. Police arrived to a shattered glass door. They reviewed video with the business owner and saw two thieves wearing hoodies. The burglars stole 2 expensive bikes.

After an intensive police investigation, they were able to apprehend one thief, recover both dirt bikes, and hope to catch the other intruder soon. 

As always, thank you for reading our home security blog! 

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