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Make 2018 a Safer Year With These 4 Simple Home Security Resolutions

December 29, 2017
January 1st is around the corner and you know it's the time where New Years resolutions make their way back into your life. You may have not taken to reading one new book a month or frequenting the gym five times a week, but that's okay.

While many of past years resolutions may have faded, don’t allow your safety to fall by the wayside. This year, stick to these simple safety resolutions and you will find yourself having a much greater peace of mind in 2018.

Resolutions can be easy with a new Honeywell Home Security system

1.) Do a walk-through of your home. 

Having a security technician come out and look at your home has become a thing of the past. Many security providers will be able to view your home online from past realtor listings and give you a comprehensive plan to protect your home.

However, if you feel like those online images may not give a clear view or you’ve done recent renovations, take a walk around your house to identify vulnerable spots. A great way to find easy access points is to imagine if you were a burglar trying to get into your own home!

2.) Secure windows and sliding doors.

Unlocked doors are the easiest entry to your home, but windows and sliding glass doors are almost as vulnerable. A good resolution to keep especially as weather begins to warm up in the spring is to make a habit of locking windows and sliding doors when you are not around.

Just like windows, sliding glass doors have weak locking mechanisms and with the help of a crude tool can be popped open. We suggest a combination of door contacts, glass break sensors, and motion sensors.

3.) Invest in quality home security or upgrade your system.

A 24/7 monitored home security system is the single best way to deter any intrusion to your home. 80% of burglars avoid homes simply because they notice a security system.

Monitored systems contact authorities in the case of emergency e.g. fire, carbon monoxide, or flooding. If you have an existing system in your home you have a few options that we often give potential customers.

Often we can use preexisting equipment in your home which will offset any upfront costs – or we can upgrade the equipment to the latest and greatest giving you state of the art Honeywell equipment with smart home technology at the same price we pay – no upcharge.

Curious about how to upgrade your existing system? Reach out to one of our security experts to find our if the system can be re-purposed into a new updated system.

4.) Become familiar with the newest technology available to you. 

Having your home comprehensively protected is first and foremost our number one priority. However, wireless security systems aren’t as simple or rigid as years past. Honeywell security systems now have the ability to integrate smart home locks, doorbell cameras, light automation, smart thermostats, indoor nanny cameras and more!

Now your security system became much more than an alarm. Not only are all these options readily available, with Honeywell’s Total Connect App you can control your home from your smart phone. Pretty cool stuff, huh?

Alarm New England will help save you money and protect you from environmental and home invasion threats. Securing your home this new year from natural elements and burglars alike is as easy as having a 15 minute chat with one of team members. 

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