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Local Alarm Companies vs. National Brands: After The Sale

Alexandra Curtiss
April 13, 2017

After a very trying experience with a large national appliance retailer, I had an absolutely phenomenal customer service experience with a local provider in Boston. Months earlier, I had set out to buy a new washer and dryer, thinking it was just another commodity item.

After all, all those machines work more or less the same, right?


I wasn't just paying for the quality of the product, I was also paying for the company that sold it.

In order to save a couple hundred bucks and get the order placed as quickly as possible, I ordered one online. Sure, it seemed like I got a great deal at the time, but then I spent about 20 hours of my life over 7 weeks just to wind up back at square one.

Not such a good deal anymore.

local alarm companies

What happens after the sale is everything. I had heard of Yale Appliance and Lighting over time via their stellar Inbound Marketing program and referrals from happy customers of theirs. From start to finish, these guys nailed it and motivated me to write a profile of what true customer delight looks like.

I called in on a Saturday afternoon and was connected immediately with Eric, my salesperson. He was polite, knowledgeable, and listened to my needs. He then got creative and found a washing machine in their outlet store to save me some money so that my cost was equal to that of the big national brand. He made sure I understood all of the additional components I would need to purchase for a successful delivery.

Further Reading: This is Why Local Alarm Companies Beat the Big Corporations

My delivery was scheduled in a 2-hour window 5 days out. For someone who had just spent 7 weeks without a washer, I was elated. They even included emails to help me prepare for delivery with clear communication.

Just like everyone else I know, I am busy and I work a lot, so when they showed up 10 minutes into my delivery window, I was happy to know I could get into the office ASAP that morning.

The three delivery professionals that arrived were timely and efficient, even jimmying a door that had been jammed for years in order to lug my units up and down 3 flights of stairs. Start to finish: 7 days and about 2.5 hours of my time. It was as pleasant as my previous experience had been stressful.

As a leader within a family-owned service business, I learned a lot about what to do and not to do from this experience. I was reminded how much it matters to be able to reach someone directly (and more than once) when I had a question or challenge.

A slight cost savings is quickly wiped out by wasted time and in this case, the service focused firm was able to match the price of the national brand. Local alarm companies are often assumed to be much more expensive too, even when that's just not true. Security companies in Boston vary greatly in what we have to offer, so be sure to ask about the company history, ownership, product offerings, and of course, read their reviews.

Thank you Yale Appliance and Lighting for a delightful customer experience. Check out their reviews and their website for more information. 

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