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How To Install Your Skybell Video Doorbell Camera

Derek Crippin
April 18, 2016

With the ever growing landscape of smart home security and automation technology, we feel its best to partner with a company that has led the industry for over 75 years.

Honeywell has one of the largest and most cohesive smart automation cosystems. They aren't showing any signs of slowing down by partnering with Skybell Wi-Fi video doorbells, Yale electronic locks, and integrating their existing smart thermostats.

All of these hot technologies are easily accessible through the Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 remote service app. One app, tons of functionality and control. We know our customers are going to love the Skybell, so I wanted to outline the installation process for them.

skybell doorbell sliding door

First, let's run through a pre-installation checklist:

  1. Make sure your current doorbell system is working and make sure it is a hardwired system. Unfortunately wireless doorbell systems will not work with the Skybell Wi-Fi system.

  2. Check to see how strong the Wi-Fi signal is outside your front door by opening your phone and seeing how many bars of Wi-Fi signal you have. We recommend at least two bars of signal for best performance.

  3. How old is your router? Skybell recommends using a router that is less than 3 years old. Skybell doorbell cameras operates on a "b/g" router and will not work on an “N-only” router. Check the router model number to make sure that it is not an “N-Only” router.

It’s now time to install your new Skybell doorbell:

skybell doorbell front door

  1. Remove your old doorbell by carefully detaching or cutting the two wires that are currently attached.

  2. Once you old doorbell is gone, run the wires through the center of the mounting plate. Be sure that the front side of the mounting plate is facing you.

  3. Now that the wires have been fed through the center of the mounting plate, secure the plate to the wall with the two wall screws provided. If your house is made of brick, you will need to use the screw anchors to secure the plate to the building. Drill a hole into the brick, place the anchors into the drill holes, and then secure the plate to the building

  4. Once mounted, gently twist the ends of a SkyBell wire to the old door bell wire as shown in the instructions. Then, using the blue wire connector, insert the joined wires into the connector and push until the wires reach the end of the wire connector. With a pair of pliers, clamp down the wire connector to crimp the wires together.

  5. Repeat step 4 for the remaining wires.

  6. Confirm that the red LED is on. The light will be in one of three states:
    1. Double Blink: This indicates that the battery is charging
    2. Single Blink: This indicates that the device is in sync or ready to sync
    3. Solid: This indicates that the main button has been pressed for 20 seconds and the device is in sync mode
  7. Once you see the solid red LED, press the SkyBell button to confirm that your current home doorbell chime is working correctly.

  8. Gently place the SkyBell doorbell over the mounting plate and twist the special locking tool into place on the bottom-center of the device.

  9. Congratulations! You have successfully installed your SkyBell doorbell camera. Give the device about 10-15 minutes for the battery to charge before we sync the device to the local WiFi network.

skybell iphone app

Pre-Sync check list:

  1. Download the SkyBell HD app on your smart phone or tablet.

  2. Get the name of your WiFi network.

  3. The password to your WiFi network (if you have one).

  4. SkyBell Device ID label (from packaging).

Sync your doorbell cam and app:

skybell doorbell intruder

  1. Open up the SkyBell HD app.

  2. Follow the prompts within the SkyBell app itself and allow 5-10 minutes for the syncing process to complete.

  3. Open up your Total Connect 2.0 app and go to the Doorbell section.

  4. Select attached SkyBell.

  5. Enter in your account information that your setup during the SkyBell Syncing process.

  6. Your SkyBell is now part of your Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 ecosystem.

We are happy to help customers with this process or talk through the how the technology works for interested consumers. Please reach out below with any questions!

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