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How We're Disrupting Boston's Home Security System Business

January 19, 2018

We're proud to say our VP Alexandra Curtiss appeared on the front page of the January 2018 issue of Security Sales & Integration magazine! She's shaking up the fast-moving smart home security business while keeping her eyes on the prize: providing a stellar customer experience from start to finish.

In this intensely competitive landscape of home security and monitoring systems, Alarm New England’s strength is its agility and adaptability in the face of changing technology and customer needs. As a champion of small businesses in Boston, the major players will always win when it comes to a problem that they can solve with enormous wads of cash, so we don’t try to play their game. Instead, we're rewriting the rule book.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 4.45.28 PM

Customers always come first, from the moment they enter our website and speak with our salespeople to when they greet our technicians and test out their new system. But our relationship with our customers doesn’t end when that technician walks out the door or when the customer finishes hooking up the last motion detector. Far from it. We’re just getting started.

Authenticity is a commitment to not just telling everybody that we take care of our customers, but also manifesting that in what we do each day. We don’t have to trumpet our virtues from the rooftops because our customers speak for us. It warms our hearts to hear stories of customers who loved their Alarm New England experience, whether it comes in the form of a phone call, an online review, or a comment on social media. That's what keeps us striving to do better every day.

The home security landscape is ever-changing, but our values stay the same. That’s the Alarm New England promise.

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