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Charlestown Homeowner Reviews Alarm New England

July 10, 2017

home security blog alarm new england review

“We have the World’s Best Burger!” What is the first thing you think when you read a sign like that? If you’re skeptical like most New Englanders, you’re thinking that a place that feels that need to brag must not actually have the substance to back up their claim.

At Alarm New England, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. However, we take the safety of our customers and their feedback about our security service incredibly seriously.

With that said, a new customer recently posted a review of us online. We are grateful for the feedback and thought it was important enough to share. Here’s what he said:

“I recently moved to the suburbs from Boston and had an Alarm System with [Boston Alarm Company Name Omitted] for over ten years. The alarm system was hard-wired and had been installed by previous owners of my condo, so we resumed the contract.

We moved to a much bigger home and asked [Boston Alarm Company Name Omitted] for a quote for installation. Much to my surprise and dismay, the first quote that they gave to install a new hard-wired system was $3,700!

After much negotiation, they went down to $1,700 to install a wireless system. After that conversation, the sales guy stopped calling or emailing us back. Ridiculous! Obviously, they didn't want my business and it was time to say goodbye.

We looked online and on Angie's List. Everyone has mixed reviews of alarm companies and many are incredibly expensive. The new do-it-yourself installation seemed to be popular but come with their own set of problems, mostly with the sensors falling off the wall.

We contacted numerous alarm companies and did a lot of online research. I stumbled upon Alarm New England through a Google search.

We spoke to Alexandra who explained that this was a family-owned business and she went over the various options for installation. As many reviews have stated, the owner is very nice and personable on the phone and you feel like you are in good hands with someone who stands by their company.

It makes me feel safer that the police are called automatically if someone breaks in. After speaking with Alexandra, we decided to go with Alarm New England.

We bought three system control panels, and had ALL of the doors and windows on the first floor, garage, and basement alarmed.The Honeywell control panels are relatively small and easy to use. With the three panels and the professional install, the total cost was only $800.

They set up installation the week after we signed and the service guy who came was super friendly and nice. We couldn't be happier with this alarm system. We set it off accidentally within days of installation and they contacted us immediately. I liked that their pricing was upfront. We have the smart secure plan for 35.00 a month.”

We are grateful for the feedback of our customers and work hard to ensure they stay safe and happy. If you are moving into a new home, we would be thrilled to be your local security provider.

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