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Looking for the best DIY Home Security System? Try Lyric by Honeywell

June 12, 2017


You just moved into your new home. How does it feel? Don’t worry- it will take time to get everything set up just like you want it, but it’s exciting that you have a place that is all yours.

best diy home security system lyric app by honeywell

Many new homeowners take great care at financing the mortgage, decorating, and renovating the house. However, many do not take the same care in protecting their investment. Now you can have top-notch home security without breaking the bank.

The new Lyric system from Honeywell affords you state-of-the-art security with easy do-it-yourself (DIY) installation. In fact, Market Watch called the Honeywell Lyric the “perfect home security system for DIYers.”

With Alarm New England, you can set up your best DIY home security system in 4 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Setup Control Panel:  Attach stand and plug into a spot near your main access point to the house or business. We have pre-programmed your sensors to work with the Honeywell controller already.

  • Step 2: Place Security Door Contacts and Window Sensors Place sensors according to the blueprint provided that we have created with you. Simply peel the double-sided tape and affix according to instructions.

  • Step 3: Setup Other Sensors Once door and window sensors are in place, place the interior sensors. Includes: Honeywell motion detector, glass break detectors, smoke, co2, cameras, etc.

  • Step 4: Call, Test and Go Live Give us a call, or email us to set up a convenient time to test your equipment. We'll ensure it's working properly then take the system live!

How do you know which DIY security system is best for you? The answer is, of course, different for every buyer. There are so many factors to consider. While the hardware, functionality, and design are very important, the company behind the system is paramount.

Many security and automation vendors sell kits of devices in an effort to keep cost low and the sale cycle short. The challenge here is that if you buy a kit, you are likely leaving many entry points into your home vulnerable. You are then stuck with a false sense of security and a new monthly bill that is not delivering its value.

Before buying a system, ask yourself if the sales rep asked enough questions to actually understand the layout of your home. If not, do not buy from them. The best diy home security system is one that you don't have to worry who is monitoring. 

Contact a DIY home security system professional at Alarm New England to start creating a plan for your new home today!

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