Another Apprehension By Our Home Security Monitoring Service

Here at Alarm New England, our top priority is to protect your home and your family. One way we can be the best alarm company possible for our customers is by helping to catch the bad guys. We recently assisted in an apprehension after an individual broke into one of our customer's home in broad daylight in a quiet New England town.

home security monitoring service from the best alarm company

Foster, RI is a very quiet rural community. At 9:51am on Tuesday, May 9th, our FEMA trained central alarm monitoring station operator Lillian received an alarm signal from a basement motion detector of one of our customers. She immediately called the house and when no one answered, she contacted the police who were then dispatched. When the police arrived, they found the home broken into and they were able to obtain enough evidence to begin a full investigation. Just a few days later they were able to arrest the burglar who had broken in to our customer’s home. Thanks to Lillian’s fast response, the police were able to get there as soon as possible and the thief was caught.

Had this family not had a monitored alarm system they would have come in to a fully burglarized home. They would not have known if the thief was still there or not putting family members at direct risk. Lastly, they would have hindered the police investigation as they would have gotten a later start on their investigation. Having a home security monitoring service like Alarm New England can protect your home, the people who live there, help in investigations, and give you a peace of mind.

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