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Alexandra Curtiss Talks DIY Home Security Systems On WTAG Radio

October 10, 2016

Dan Craig is the founder of Liberty Construction and a friend of Alarm New England. Dan and his team have been providing best-in-class residential design build and commercial construction contracting since 1969.

liberty construction page

They approach each project with the passion and integrity of their founder who also happens to be the voice behind "Improving Your Home" on WTAG 580/94.9. Dan was kind enough to invite our own Alexandra to join his weekly home improvement show that runs from 7-8 am on Saturday mornings. 

Dan and Alexandra got to talking about DIY home security systems, smart home technology, and how to get a maximum discount on your homeowners insurance. 

Some topics covered include: 

  1. What is smart home technology and why would you want it?
  2. How easy is it really to install DIY home security systems?
  3. Who can you buy these types of systems from and how much do they cost?
  4. How can a young family get value out of this type of investment?
  5. How can you use a smart phone app to control your system?

TO LISTEN: Segment 1Segment 2, Segment 3 

Thanks for having us Dan! 

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