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The Truth About Alarm Monitoring Costs [Updated 2019]

8 Jul 2019

Large security companies are great marketers. In fact, their marketing has caused a lot of confusion about the cost of alarm monitoring services.

We went ahead and did all the research on alarm monitoring costs for you to save you some time. Here’s what we found out.

The Actual Cost of Monthly Alarm Monitoring

Monthly monitoring fees vary significantly from company to company, starting from around $20 for entry-level security systems. Higher-end systems that include security cameras and home automation can cost up to $60 or even $70 a month.

We're aware of the sky-high prices our competitors attach to their security systems, that's why we do things a little differently for our Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island customers.

In the interest of providing you with the most accurate information, we called all of the largest national security companies and asked their salespeople about their standard pricing.

Here’s how the prices compare:


  • $27.99 Phone Line Only Monitoring
  • $48.99 + Cellular Monitoring, App
  • $57.99 + Cameras


  • $34.99 Cellular Monitoring
  • $44.99 + Crash and Smash, App
  • $49.99 + Smart Home Automation, Cameras

Alarm New England

  • $26.99 Wi-Fi Monitoring
  • $36.99 + Cellular Monitoring, Crash and Smash, App
  • $46.99 + Smart Home Automation, Cameras

Brinks Home Security

  • $34.95 Cellular Monitoring, Crash and Smash, App
  • $39.95 + Smart Home Automation
  • $49.95 + Cameras


  • $14.99 Cellular Monitoring
  • $24.99 + App, Cameras


  • $29 Month-to-Month Contract, Wi-Fi, Crash and Smash, App, Cameras, Smart Home Automation
  • $39 + Cellular Monitoring
  • $44 + 5-Day Video Storage
  • (3-Year Contract: $19, $29, $34)


  • $29.99 Cellular Monitoring
  • $39.99 Cellular Monitoring, Crash and Smash, App
  • $59.99 + Cameras, Smart Home Automation

Xfinity Home

  • $27.99 Cellular Monitoring, Crash and Smash, App
  • $34.99 + Cameras

As you can see, there is some variation in prices among companies, but they’re all in the same ballpark. The exception is one price that’s much lower than the others: SimpliSafe.

SimpliSafe undercuts its competitors’ monthly monitoring fees by selling outdated equipment in order to price its competitors out of the market. You can read more about SimpliSafe in our thorough review of its services.

Plus, with a local company like Alarm New England, you can actually save a significant amount on the upfront cost through a number of our deals. If you already own a system, we can often reprogram it to communicate with our alarm monitoring service at little or no cost to you.

Cheap Alarm Monitoring Services Aren’t Great Long Term

Quality matters when it comes to securing your home and protecting your family. That’s why it is important to get the right system for your home—because when it comes to alarm monitoring services and security equipment, you get what you pay for.

Cheap monitoring often requires you to pay for a landline you may not need. But cellular alarm monitoring—which may be more costly upfront—is safer, as intruders cannot simply cut the communication path or smash your panel and disable your alarm like they can with cheaper equipment.

Cheaper monitoring often isn’t as digitally integrated with your phone and home automation systems. Some companies don’t offer a smartphone app to control your system remotely. If you can't control your security system with your phone, it's probably outdated.

Home automation is a great feature to have, and are a great way to bring an old Boston brownstone or suburban townhouse into the 21st century. You benefit by being able to control keyless deadbolts, lights, and thermostats from your smart device.

Other security companies commonly employ tactics like upping the price of alarm monitoring on you year after year. Your entry-level price may rise dramatically in years two and three of the contract, and there is nothing you can do about it but cancel as soon as the contract ends. ADT and Comcast customers commonly cite this as the top reason they leave, along with poor service.

Cheap alarm monitoring companies promise more than they deliver, leaving you stuck with waiting weeks for service, long hold times, and an inability to get the same person on the phone twice.

Compare that to the quality customer service that more valuable alarm monitoring companies provide: local people who care about protecting their community and actually monitor your home and property to keep you safe.

Paying for the Security Equipment and Alarm Monitoring You Need

The right security system and alarm monitoring can save you time, money, and frustration. Security systems and monitoring are an investment that lead to savings and less hassle down the line.

By investing in a good home security system and alarm monitoring from a trusted company near you, you can knock off about 10 to 15 percent of your home insurance costs, according to the New York Times. You will get a maximum insurance discount because your system is monitored by a UL-listed central monitoring station (which means the station meets high safety standards and emergency protocols).

A premium security company responds quickly, offers high-level support and monitoring, and checks to make sure your system is functioning properly.

If you're looking for security in Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Rhode Island, talk to us today to learn why Alarm New England is the best option out there to protect what matters most.

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