7 Ways a SkyBell Video Doorbell Makes Halloween Safe and Easy

Have you prepared for trick-or-treaters? No matter how you feel about Halloween, being prepared for this unique holiday as a parent and homeowner is vital. According to 2016 data from Travelers Insurance, crime-related insurance claims, including theft and vandalism, spike by 24% on Halloween, more than on any other day of the year.

SkyBell Video Doorbell Takes the Headache out of HalloweenImage: 921171 / Shutterstock.com

Among property crimes, home burglaries experience the largest increase on Halloween. In fact, 60% of Halloween property crime claims involve theft from the home. This holiday is also known for pranks, and the data would suggest that many of these pranks are not harmless. Insurance claims due to vandalism and malicious mischief make up 19% of total Halloween property crime claims. These can range from egging to more purposely destructive acts, such as smashing car windows.  

How can you protect your home and family from thieves and vandals? A new DIY security system allows you to add a range of home automation add-ons. By adding a SkyBell video doorbell you can rest knowing who is at your door or around your property. The video doorbell that connects to your phone via WiFi 
gives you control with these unique features:

  1. HD Video- See visitors to your front door with resolutions up to 1080p HD and 5x zoom. You’ll know who’s there before you ever touch your doorknob.
  2. Motion Sensor- The SkyBell video doorbell alerts you even if visitor doesn’t press the doorbell – providing additional security and alerts to your smart devices.
  3. Live Monitoring- Monitor your front door all night by starting the video from the app.
  4. Free Video Recording- SkyBell video doorbells can record each video so you download or watch them at any time.
  5. 2-Way Audio- Enjoy a full conversation with your front door visitor without opening the door.
  6. Color Night Vision- Feel safe knowing you can see trick-or-treaters at night – in full color HD video.
  7. Quiet Mode- Turn off your home’s doorbell chime from the app so it won’t wake up your kids once they go to sleep.

The SkyBell video doorbell is the security equipment you’ve been waiting for. Coupled with Alarm New England’s 24/7 security monitoring service, you’ll be able to regain peace of mind, knowing your family is safe. We monitor over 27,000 properties in New England, and have been keeping our neighborhoods secure for 45 years. Contact one of our security experts today to receive a free customized quote that meets your needs. 
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